Unsupervised! an update.. pt 2

Honestly, Saturday and Sunday are a bit of a blur, I remember reading in bed for a long time. It was a great book that brought tears to my eyes. My Skylar by Penelope Ward. Sweet story about young love and the stuff that comes up and gets in the way before it becomes mature love and is truly appreciated for all you’ve gone through together.

For dinner, I think we ate leftovers… and I decided to take pictures of all the things that visited my hummingbird feeder. And here they are.. in no particular order.

A lizard that stretched across the hangers between the 2 feeders like he owned them, a butterfly, a dragonfly, a gigantic honking wasp, a multitude of ants, a grasshopper, a honey bee, a chickadee type bird, those yellow biting a-hole flies and even a spider. Something conspicuously missing from my pictures and list: a fricking hummingbird!

I’ve seen them…I know they are out there, but they are freaking fast!

Now on to the top story… Tropical Storm Colin.

I ignored the fact that Tropical storm Colin was coming and did not dig the ditch. I attempted to borrow a shovel from my neighbor, but he wasn’t home so being the persistent sort, I went home and promptly forgot about it. We went to the store and bought sandwich meat, some ice, and candles. We brought in the loose yard stuff and moved my tomato plants out of the wind, and we hunkered down and waited to see what would happen. Which was a bunch of nothing much…

Monday morning, they were predicting 50mph winds, possible tornados and a buttload of rain. I knew that if I didn’t get that ditch dug.. we would likely have a flooded garage. (Something I wasn’t keen on, given I still have boxes of sentimental value that I keep but do not use or display out there and boxes of books that need shelves to go on.) This time, the neighbor was home, with the shovel was successfully borrowed and I went home to begin digging.

At 10 am it was already humid and sticky, the bugs were obnoxious and swarmed all over the place. It was hot sweaty work and I got about 10 ft into it before I took a 20-minute break and drank a lot of water. It would take a few more trips in and out before I made it to the grating that covers our drainage pipes that go out into the lake behind the house. Somewhere in that all that digging, I made blisters. I didn’t realize it until one of them the size of a quarter broke open and let out a stream of bad words.
ditch with no neighbor in it

It’s shallow (about 8 inches deep maybe) it’s maybe a foot wide and it’s not pretty, but I it’s done! All by myself.. I might want to put some cement in there or some bricks to keep it open and clear. But anyway I finished and returned the shovel before the first squall lines came in. I put on a baseball cap and went out to check on my work when the rain bands came in, and I’m not going to even lie about it. I was tickled pink and overjoyed to see most of the water sloshing it’s way merrily along the crooked little ditch I’d carved for it. I may or may not have done a happy dance in the rain… and splashed a little bit of water. Okay.. yeah I totally did that.

My neighbor came out in his yellow rain slicker and was as happy as I was about it. We high-fived and stood there admiring my work for a minute or two.. but I wasn’t satisfied and with my bare foot I cleared away some sand from the driveway and the water really started going then. Yes, I was soaking and standing in about 6-inches of rushing water, but I didn’t care. Another neighbor drove by and said: It’s gonna rain on your head… go inside. By then, I’d done the adjustments I needed to make, the rainband had passed so I went inside ridiculously proud of my dirt moving ability and that my driveway was not a lake even with the heavy downpours.

Now.. about the storm.. somewhere between squalls and heavy rain… in a time of calmness from the 20 mph breezes we lost power. For no apparent reason.. so we had sandwiches and chips for dinner and played tic tac toe, and some game where we drew some stick people on a piece of paper. My people at one end, his at the other and we put a pencil down on the paper with our finger on the eraser and we flicked the pencil. The lead would leave a line and if the line touched your stick person you scored a hit.. feet and arms were nonlethal, but body and heads killed your guy apparently 5 hits in nonlethal places also counted as a death. My son won both games before the lights came back on.

After that we had more rain, precisely 2 flashes of lightning and 2 peals of thunder… hardly any wind but boy oh boy did it rain! It was a boring storm here… much ado about nothing, but I’m still glad I dug the ditch or I might be singing a different tune today.

Oh, and my mother called to let me know she was going to text me… yep.. I love that goofy woman.

And that concludes this episode of Unsupervised…



Published by: Kawanee Hamilton

Kawanee was born in Alexandria Louisiana but her first real memories are of Russellville Arkansas. She's always loved to read, and has always had an vivid imagination. She grew up in a house where almost everyone read, they didn't need a TV although she could still be found planted on her butt in front of her grandma's TV watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. She made up her first story with her mother when her cat died; it was about where pets go when they die. She continued to create stories from bad dreams she had and her dad would help her change nightmares to stories. They would sit up in a chair until the scary went away. He told her that: "Dreams, good or bad, are just stories your mind makes up. You are the author of your dreams; if you don't like them rewrite them. " She was hooked and has continued to read and write stories drawing from dreams, sights and just pure imagination. She just recently decided she'd like to try and get published and fail than wonder what if. Her story continues but where it goes from here is up to you, the Reader... She hopes you'll join her in finding out where her journey goes from here!

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2 thoughts on “Unsupervised! an update.. pt 2”

  1. ” Nothing is impossible, improbable maybe but never impossible.” My father told us that almost daily growing up. I don’t know who first quoted that or if he made it up himself but it stuck with me all this time, and at 73 I still live by those words. So, kudos to you, you have proved him right again. :o)

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