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My feelings on the Orlando shooting.

Warning: The term Asshat will be used a lot. I will not apologize for the language in this post; I will not apologize for my feelings on the matter. What I say now are my personal feelings, I don’t care about my “public persona” or if it might affect my book sales. There is a time and place for that; that time is not now. Now, is when we have to condemn this behavior regardless of the cost.

HOW did this Asshat legally buy guns?
This asshat was on a list of other asshats that the government was watching. He should not have been able to buy guns legally. PERIOD. If we cannot agree on that, we’re truly wrecked.

Asshats Killing people:
DON’T FREAKING KILL PEOPLE…. unless they are trying to kill someone else. Then.. It’s open asshat season… tag-em and bag-em. Otherwise, you don’t have the right to kill someone just because you don’t like the clothes they wear, the badge they wear, their religion, their sexual orientation, their skin color, their job, their hair color, their diet, or the way their freckles clump together.

And don’t thump your religious book of choice at me. I don’t care! Murder is wrong, even the asshat knows it, that’s why he hides his activities from family, friends, neighbors and etc. People know this instinctively… I don’t understand the level of hate that is out there. How can you hate that much?

The media and politicians:
Look guys, ya’ll have had a lot of fun drumming up panic over bathroom use, gay rights, trashing President Obama, calling him the antichrist and worse. You’ve spent the last umpteen years reporting on the things that divide us and what didn’t get accomplished. Whipping up people’s fervor by spewing party rhetoric on: religion, terrorism, racism, demonizing each other, screaming about abortions, poor people, rich people, muslims, homeless, food stamp abusers, and gays and just generally creating hate and fear.

STOP IT! You’re backing people into corners, keeping them in terror and feeling helpless. When you do this, people can only take so much and eventually some asshat is going to lash out. 

Stop calling this a record breaking terror attack.
 It’s a friggin tragedy, it’s horrible, it’s an awful senseless waste of life. Worst attack since 9/11 worst gun violence ever, worse than Sandyhook… REALLY?? Come on.. stop saying crap like that. The next asshat sees this as a challenge and by calling it that we encourage other asshats to try and “top” it.

Focus on the victims and their families:
Gimme the names of the Talk about the victims: victims so that I can mourn for that family. Pray for them, and remember their loss. They are more important than the asshat, focus on who and what we lost in this attack. A brother, a sister, a lawyer, a promising astrophysicist, someone working on the cure for cancer, a teacher, a community leader… an aspiring actor or musician. Humanize the victims, dehumanize the asshat. It’s classic psychology.

No more asshat names:
Speaking of dehumanizing, I’m sick of hearing this asshat’s name. Let him rot in obscurity. I don’t want to hear about him. I know all I need to know. He’s an asshat who thought he had the right to kill people because he didn’t approve of their lifestyle, because of homophobia, because of his religious belief, because blah blah blah. I don’t want to hear how he did in high school, or what his favorite color was or that his friggin dog liked him. He was a murderous asshat and his dog is freaking stupid.

I could care less what asshat excuse he used to justify his actions. Killing each other is wrong. Making these asshats famous even for 15 minutes of fame is inexcusable. It would make me happy to simply refer to them as asshat #X. They do these things to make a name for themselves in their chosen asshat community. I say we take it away from them. Give them something generic DWG.. dumbass with gun.. or AWG… WHATEVER… nothing distinguishable.

In conclusion:  I rewrote this several times.. editing.. starting again and discarding. It might be a bit disjointed; please forgive that. I’m angry; I’m sick of this shit.I am beginning to understand why older people withdraw from society, it’s madness, it’s unfamiliar, the rules have seemingly changed and we don’t fit in anymore. I feel like I whisper is the growing screams of chaos and hate. My pitiful words won’t make a difference against the tide.

When did human life start meaning so little to us? People kill their children to hurt their ex, they film people getting beat up and laugh, they film people in danger hoping to get a lot of views instead of helping. People rape people and get 3 month jail time… because olympic dreams are more important than dreams of being a wife and mother.

Maybe I’m simple, maybe I’m not expressing myself correctly. I’m just shocked and sickened by all of this, and the gun violence that occurs here in the US almost daily. It has to stop… I don’t know how to make that happen, but I do know that the world has become a sick and twisted and I no longer feel like I belong here.

~Angry Kaw in Florida.

5 thoughts on “My feelings on the Orlando shooting.”

  1. Great post. I concur with all of your thoughts on this. I’d like to add that the media and politicians are making sure to tie in the Islamic extremism and ISIS connection with this asshat. He was born in the United States. His father wept on TV this morning for what his son did. Would the other asshat (Trump) and his idiotic wall have helped in this situation? This was a domestic terrorist, not some ISIS operative that was carefully trained and sent here to wreak havoc. He may have aligned himself with ISIS, but that does not make him a member.

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    1. true… but his father was featured in TV show where he voices support for the Taliban and hatred of the US.

      So I’m a little skeptical on some things, but right now he seems like a typical bigoted homophobic american with mental health issues.

      Beating his wife, anger issues… possibly closeted gay or in denial probably didn’t score well on tests in school.


  2. It almost turns my stomach every time they flash pictures of the killer on the screen on CNN. I don’t want to see him every few minutes in his different ego-saturated poses taking a selfie. What a waste of film. As you say, let him fade into obscurity. I don’t want to see him or hear his name. I’m sure the terrorists are thrilled to be getting that much attention and publicity on CNN. It’s a real present to them. Is there some kind of rating’s war going on between the networks including how many times they show that dirty stinker’s picture. It has me angry and wondering. Give it a rest, CNN!! I don’t know what other local networks may be doing the same as I don’t get them here. Whoever does it it’s disgusting and they don’t seem to have a clue. 😦 — Suzanne

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