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Pulse Shooting in Orlando: Gofund me for families

This post is positive… (of sorts) I want to take a moment to focus on the families, the responders, the community. I will not address the hate behind this act right now, I will do that in another personal rant post.

Prayers and positive thoughts and energy for these families and responders, for the people who witnessed it firsthand. Prayers and positive thoughts and energy for the doctors operating  who are still battling to save lives. Prayers and positive thoughts and energy for the first responders who will see the victims in their nightmares for years to come.

These families are going to need a lot of support right now. This is a horrendous act, medical bills, funeral expenses, counseling for survivors and grief counseling cost money. Every dollar counts, every drop of blood counts, they are in desperate need for blood in Orlando. Anything you can do no matter how small, even just sharing this link will help.

Sad and heartbroken in Florida.


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