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After trying Grammarly Premium..

Hello ya’ll,

I like the free version of Grammarly, but after trying the premium I really want it too. Not working makes that impossible, but I tried it, and I really like it, and I want to keep it. I was given some free trial time, but with everything going on I haven’t gotten a chance to use it as effectively as I’d hoped. And now it’s expiring.  😦

It alerts you to overused words, and all kinds of neat things I never think about. The free version is great as well, I’ll keep using it. If you haven’t tried it, please check it out. It’s free and they don’t spam you so it’s pretty cool, weekly updates in your email and once in a while you’ll get an offer for upgrading.

I’ve found it very useful and I hope you do too 🙂


6 thoughts on “After trying Grammarly Premium..”

  1. I second the recommendation, Kewanee. I purchased the premium and I like it, but the free version is also extremely helpful. One of the things I love about it is that I don’t need to copy and paste my writing into it. I works right in Word. It’s hassle free!


  2. I have the free Grammarly and love it. The thing I love most is it’s checking my spelling and comma use. I use the Word program “Find” for overused words. The Premium is no doubt great but I have to watch how much I spend and would have to get PayPal involved. I save it for other things. Good post. 🙂 — Suzanne

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