I’m totally stunned and wrecked…

I won’t be posting, but I have blog posts scheduled for the end of the month I think.

I can’t believe it… my husband is gone. He passed away overseas. I don’t know what to do with myself from one minute to the next. I’m in shock, I’m angry, I’m sad, I hurt so much. My head is killing me.

He was my weirdling, our weirds melded so perfectly. He was my confidence, my rock, he did so much for me. I grew as a person because of his faith in me and I don’t know how to do this without him.

They are saying it was an aneurysm in his sleep,they found him when he didn’t come down to meet the cab to take him to the airport to come home. I had bought all his favorite foods and had so many plans to welcome him home… and now.. I just don’t know what-

I feel like it’s not real… he’s the one I turn to when things like this happen… He promised me when he traveled that he would always come home to me.



Published by: Kawanee Hamilton

Kawanee was born in Alexandria Louisiana but her first real memories are of Russellville Arkansas. She's always loved to read, and has always had an vivid imagination. She grew up in a house where almost everyone read, they didn't need a TV although she could still be found planted on her butt in front of her grandma's TV watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. She made up her first story with her mother when her cat died; it was about where pets go when they die. She continued to create stories from bad dreams she had and her dad would help her change nightmares to stories. They would sit up in a chair until the scary went away. He told her that: "Dreams, good or bad, are just stories your mind makes up. You are the author of your dreams; if you don't like them rewrite them. " She was hooked and has continued to read and write stories drawing from dreams, sights and just pure imagination. She just recently decided she'd like to try and get published and fail than wonder what if. Her story continues but where it goes from here is up to you, the Reader... She hopes you'll join her in finding out where her journey goes from here!

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19 thoughts on “I’m totally stunned and wrecked…”

  1. I am so very sorry to hear this. These things can happen so fast it knocks the wind out of you. Be strong, as he would want you to be. My heart is broken for you even though we have never met. Sending hugs.


  2. I am so sorry to hear the devastating news of your beloved husband. There are no word that any of us can say to help right now. Just know I will be thinking and praying for you and your family. My most sincere sympathy.


  3. Kawanee, so sorry to hear of your loss. I add many of your posts to my Writing Help, on Pinterest. Do take whatever time you need to deal with this tragedy. Hold your loved ones and friends close,
    and store away your wonderful memories for later. Hugs, mate.


  4. Dear, Kawanee, I’ve read so many of your posts I feel like I know you. I’m so, so sorry for your devastating loss. I felt from your opening that it was something like this and it was hard for me to read. This is a fear that wives and mothers hate the most. Take all the time you need to begin to heal. I realize it’s especially hard being you have a child. A family is also a great consolation to us at times like this. My heart goes out to you and I’ll keep you in my prayers. ā¤ — Suzanne


  5. I’m so sorry to read of your loss. I wish you all the love and comfort possible, and I know that many people around the world must be wishing you the same. I also hope that you have friends and family near you.


  6. I’m very sorry to hear about what you’re going through! I feel with you!! I think about you and hope you’re having supporters, friends and family close to you who will help you with your devastating loss. Thinking about you.

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