5 Things Your Book Description Says About You

5 Things Your Book Description Says About You (And How You Can Improve It)

It’s tough to write a 70,000 word book, but it’s just as tough to write a book description of a few hundred words. Bryan Cohen from Selling For Authors outlines some common issues and actionable takeaways to help you improve your book description.

Readers learn a lot about you from reading your book description. Unfortunately, the things they glean from your blurb aren’t always positive.

The several-hundred word description of your latest work needs proper time and attention to convey the right messages about you and your books.

Here are 5 things your description might say about you:

(1) You Write Boring Books

Most book descriptions are about as appealing as a moldy sponge. They go to great lengths to name characters (first, last, and middle names), explain side plots, and provide dubiously important information along the way. The final result is that your book sounds boring, and the readers who stumble upon your product description have no reason to question their first impression.

When you take the time to craft an engaging blurb with a strong hook, however, readers get a different impression. If your description effectively conveys the emotion and entertainment of your book, then you can turn casual browsers into buyers.

Takeaway: Use a strong hook and a compelling synopsis to draw readers in.

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