Symptoms of Trauma

9 thoughts on “Symptoms of Trauma”

    1. geez, this was a scheduled post supposed to be for writers, but umm now I’m looking at it and seeing signs of it in me and my son.

      We are somewhat dealing with things. My son fluctuates from hanging in there to crying.

      He says: “I’m blindingly depressed and scared.”
      Yeah, me too.

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      1. Tsalagi! I’m Muskogee. I used to speak a little Cherokee but it’s been a long time.
        I’m glad you’ve got help. I don’t suppose the State Dept could facilitate things? Equal chance they’d make things more difficult, I suppose.
        I’m burning tobacco for you.
        nvwato hiyadv


      2. ᏩᏙ/Wado, I’ve only learned a little bit of Tsalagi. I’ve been to a lot of the Cherokee National Holiday Pow wow’s in Talaquah. I could use a good pow wow right now, it charges the spirit.

        Must have live drum, singers, and frybread. I’ve been to a few that had piped in music, no dancers and no frybread. Sorry… but umm that’s just a picnic.

        I wasn’t raised in the traditions or with the music. I’ve been making up for it for the last 15 yrs.

        As for the funeral and shipping, they tell me I’m at an end with the paperwork. I’m waiting for a cremation date and shipping date.

        I’m so sick of hearing their useless platitudes as they continue to call and make demand after demand and talk down to me.

        SEND HIM HOME!! He hated it there. Why can’t they just fricking send him home? So frustrating and how can make preparations here and travel plans and *insert primal scream here*

        I want it to be over with so I can be left alone.

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      3. Picnic! I’ve been to a few of those, or worse yet, yard sale (new england). We left OK when I was 12, for Massachusetts, so I’m in the same boat to some extent.

        I’ll pray for a quick and painless (as possible) resolution..

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