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Thank you…

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I want to take a moment and say: Thank you all so much for the support. I cannot believe people are so giving to someone they’ve never met. You’re all an amazing group of people. I cannot express my gratitude or appreciation. All the prayers, kind words, support and the donations.

Words fail me right now. I’m stunned and humbled. I wish there was something I could do for everyone. Thank you so much, from me and my son. Please continue to pray for us while we deal with getting hubby’s remains and personal belongings back and the funeral next week. Everything will become entirely too real and final this week, it will be very hard on us.

Your Grateful and Amazed,


9 thoughts on “Thank you…”

  1. So pleased you are getting the support you need right now. This could be any of us and I am sure you would offer your support in different circumstances. My thoughts are with you and your son. I hope he is finding a way of coping too.

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    1. I’m thinking of taking the company up on their offer of grief counseling. I think we are both hanging by a thread and I am not sure when that thread will snap.

      Was talking late late last night with my son. He says he feels like a rickety bridge that is still holding up somehow. He doesn’t know what it is that will break it down, but he knows it’s wobbly and he’s scared of what will happen and that he’s going to lose it.

      I told him, it’s okay to lose it. I’ll help you pick up the pieces and you help me. Let’s just not lose it at the same time.

      We made a deal on that. I just hope we can hold to it, but at least there will be a lot of family around if we do fall apart.

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      1. I think most people who have lost someone close will recognise how you’re feeling even without the extremely difficult circumstances you find yourself in, so that will amplify the intensity and you are right to seek counselling and not put so much pressure on being each other’s rock, because you are both liable to crumble under the strain. You both need to have a safe place to unload without worrying how it will affect the other seeing you like that. You are already making progress, you’re doing a great job under the most terrible citcumstances. With counselling, your son will be given tools to help him through any bridge collapse and this will hopefully help lighten the load on your shoulders a little.

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