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I’m not doing well….

The day hubby came home, I posted the “unacceptable, horrible post”. They sent me home fragmented bones. Not ash, I cannot spread bones. When I complained and asked for an explanation the employee at the Chinese company handling things sent me a picture of my husband.

On the day he was cremated….
in a yellow body bag…
after 30 days.

I was in no mental condition to deal with that, there was no warning that it was in the email. I opened it up and there it was. I’m now plagued by nightmares. I’ve dreamt his box got knocked over and that his skull fell out of the bag, I’ve dreamt of him the way he was in that picture. I’ve woken up crying and shaking. I’m an emotional mess, I get angry and cry a lot. I sleep a lot. I am looking into getting some grief counseling and legal advice.


10 thoughts on “I’m not doing well….”

  1. I’m sorry I missed your last post. Primitive tech obviously.
    What they send is only bone, in whatever condition, everything else rises to the sky.
    This is good, this is ancient.
    Honor his bones.
    You have nothing to fear from your husband.

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  2. What a horrible, traumatic experience, Kawanee. Grief counseling is a good idea (I say this as a grief counselor in my previous career). It won’t remove the hard feelings of loss, but it can help you process them, provide you with support, and build your resilience. Mourning is a process and the trauma that you endured can prolong it. It’s important to take care of yourself. My best to you. ❤

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  3. omg Kawnee, that`s dreadful what inconsiderate idiots. oh sweetheart, wish I could make things better for you right now, it`s good you are going to grief counselling and also seeking legal advice because what happened to you, should never happen to anyone.

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