And now a freaking hurricane?

I’m going to end up in a little padded room with a jacket that hugs me all day. I’m seriously wondering if someone hates me or if I’m a character in a sadistic author’s novel… or if I’m starring in a dramedy. Is that a word? Drama+comedy?

After 11 years of no landfalling hurricane, one just HAS to pick NOW to hit land? *sigh* I give up… I really really do.. what am I supposed to do now? Drive a big moving truck and tow a car in this? I’ve never hauled a car… I don’t think in the middle of a hurricane is the time to do it.

I also don’t have a place to stay… cause… yeah.. house is rented and I need to be out. Apparently, I’m not supposed to leave yet? Dunno whether to laugh or freaking cry.

Your Frazzled Kaw..


15 thoughts on “And now a freaking hurricane?”

      1. OMG, didn’t know you live in Florida so do I. Do you live on the West Coast, it sounds like you do. In any case I know we will all get rain and gusty winds, but I don’t think there is a threat to where I live which is the east coast in Deerfield Beach.
        Will you be able to stay put for a day or so, or do you have to leave regardless of the weather. You are smart to not drive in the incoming weather. You have really had everything hit you at once and I think of you and your son often, praying for you both daily. Please keep me posted and have a safe trip.

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      2. Probably getting a hotel tomorrow night… either on the way to Arkansas or here. depending on the weather. Had a tornado warning but nothing came of it (thank goodness)… some gusty winds.

        I’m trying to get a driver to drive the big truck and let me drive my husband’s car. Still working on details. Thank goodness the truck rental company extended the rental due to the weather.

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  1. Kawanee, I am so sorry. I hope you and your son are safe and have someone to support you in a practical way. You have done nothing wrong and no-one hates you, Life is quite random in how it dishes out these trials, but you sound a very strong and resourceful person. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly, you have gone through a lot and come out the other side, you will get through this too. 💙

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  2. Oh Kawanee, just when you’re getting a bit better too. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live through a hurricane. The nearest I’ve come is our Great Storm of 1987. That was scary enough. Still, when things are as bad as they can get, the only way is better.

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