Pictures of my injuries, as promised… (not for squeamish)

These are injuries gained during my move… They slowed me down, but we are moved in! Now I need to put up what we will use, organize what we keep for sentimental reasons and decorate so everything is homey and cozy. (Yes, I’ll post pictures then too.)

okay first the fingers… Note to self, do not slam fingers in the car door…. Luckily for me nothing was broken. They say I’ll lose the one nail, but after almost 2 weeks it’s hanging in there. So, here’s hoping. These pictures were taken today, so you can imagine what it looked like fresh. Yes, it hurt. Yes, I used some colorful language. Yes, it still hurts. Yes, I went to the ER. My sister in law drove me and made me an ice pack. (Thank you, Darla!)


And now for the leg… For you curious or writer types, this is what happens and what it looks like when a slate tabletop falls over and grazes your leg. Keep in mind, this was not an actual impact, nothing was broken. The table weighs somewhere about 50 to 70 lbs, and it hurt a lot. A whooooole lot!

15 thoughts on “Pictures of my injuries, as promised… (not for squeamish)”

    1. eh… it’s a slow process.. but the heat seems to have gone out of the leg. I’ve been told it will take a little while to go away. In the meantime, I’m going to look like something out of a zombie movie for a little bit.


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