Okay, an update…

I just got a letter from the Chinese consulate in Ghangzhou, they refused to give the police report and the medical examination to our congressman. I am not sure why… or how they can get away with this.

I NEED these documents for the accidental life insurance policies. I NEED these documents for the workman’s compensation claim. I don’t know what to do next, except raise a stink and hell about it.

I will NOT give up on this! I feel like I owe it to my husband, I feel like he and his work has been disrespected. I feel like he was nothing to his company, nothing to anyone… The company he worked for didn’t even send me a sympathy card, nor did they have a memorial for him. Our former employer did, hell even a company he worked for in 2001 sent me a card. Sure, his company brought his body back home, but that was the end of it. I have to do this for my husband. He literally worked himself to death for this company, he deserved better than he got from them. It’s about respect, it’s about acknowledging his value, his life…

When I went to the ER for my leg, I talked to one of the Doctors there because they said my blood pressure was elevated… and I said.. GEE.. I wonder what could be causing that! *note the heavy sarcasm there? So did they!* I elaborated about my situation and the circumstances around my husband’s passing.

First off, they said Sudden Cardiac Arrest is NOT the same as a heart attack. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is an electrical issue in the heart. Dehydration and therefore low electrolytes can and often DO cause this. For him to lose 20 or 30 lbs in less than a month indicates serious water loss, not weight loss. The doctor said: Your husband would have HAD to be on a fast to lose that kind of weight. He also said: Chinese don’t use a lot of salt in their cooking, nor do they use a lot of sugars. Both of which are sources of electrolytes.

IF he’d been sharing a room with someone, SCA responds well to CPR and he might be alive. IF he’d come home the week before… (like he was supposed to) he would likely be alive due to the fact that we would have celebrated his return and I would have made him a great big salad, a juicy steak, some ice tea and I’d talked him into some cookies. He had a weakness for cookies… for all this strict health consciousness, cookies were his kryptonite. He would have had lemon in his ice tea… salt on his steak and green beans, sugar in his cookies.. and replaced those lost electrolytes.

I’m angry. I’m scared. I’m hurt.
I am also determined and I will NOT go away.


13 thoughts on “Okay, an update…”

  1. This is starting to back up on the Chinese there is nothing to stop them from giving you the certificates you need. I`m giving you 100% support to fight this. If I can do anything or perhaps look into things on my end for you, I will. This needs to be explained. love from Scotland x

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    1. I am thinking of going to the media… the bigger the outcry, the better. I’ll let you know when I do and maybe we can shine a world light on this. Get media attention world wide.

      In the meantime,
      Thank you for the support.


  2. Aargh! This must be so frustrating for you to be constantly up against the bureaucracy of another country. Maybe they think you are trying to blame them or sue them, so that’s why they might not be willing to give in. Perhaps your congressman can appeal to them to change their minds about giving you the documents, if he explains why you need them for the paperwork on your side.

    Whatever happens, you absolutely MUST look after your own health and try to keep your blood pressure down. I pray that you will get the paperwork you need and find closure for you and your son.

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  3. Keep pushing Kawanee but take care of your health. The media is a good idea. Keep pushing your congressman, let him know you are about to go to the media with it. I am still praying that you are able to resolve this. Something is not right, it just feels wrong for the United States to let this go.

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