This week..

I had a birthday party for my son, wasn’t much.. only a few tears were shed. I got everything moved into the house and mostly organized before I had to start training for the new job monday.

Things are going okay as for training… I am a little overwhelmed and feel like I’m getting behind, but they say I’m doing great and not to worry. Yeah right! I gonna worry.

The leg looks better, but is far from healed up as the doctor promised. I may go back and raise hell this weekend. I’ll post pics and a more detailed update this weekend. I’m stressing out about everything.

The cat is a nightmare, not sure the times that he is cute and cuddly are worth the times he’s not. He likes to ambush me and my sore leg, he gets right up in your face after your food (I assume because he didn’t have a lot of food while living outside), he likes to dip his paws into my drinks and bat ice cubes around. (ick kitty litter paws)

Have a good day y’all



Published by: Kawanee Hamilton

Kawanee was born in Alexandria Louisiana but her first real memories are of Russellville Arkansas. She's always loved to read, and has always had an vivid imagination. She grew up in a house where almost everyone read, they didn't need a TV although she could still be found planted on her butt in front of her grandma's TV watching cartoons on Saturday mornings. She made up her first story with her mother when her cat died; it was about where pets go when they die. She continued to create stories from bad dreams she had and her dad would help her change nightmares to stories. They would sit up in a chair until the scary went away. He told her that: "Dreams, good or bad, are just stories your mind makes up. You are the author of your dreams; if you don't like them rewrite them. " She was hooked and has continued to read and write stories drawing from dreams, sights and just pure imagination. She just recently decided she'd like to try and get published and fail than wonder what if. Her story continues but where it goes from here is up to you, the Reader... She hopes you'll join her in finding out where her journey goes from here!

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4 thoughts on “This week..”

  1. We took in a stray cat which we called Tommy. A huge ginger tom cat who was so street wise he was in the door before we knew it. He was a stranger to being fed on time, a stranger to personal space and loved riling the neighbours dog at 2am by doing the walking along the fence cat thing. It takes time and it takes time but at night when he came on the bed with us he purred and settled himself on you and you forgot about the stresses of the day and sleep came easy.

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  2. Happy belated Birthday to your son. Because of the internet problems, I’m late with this. I just got service back earlier today. If it’s a male cat, they sometimes do go on the “attack”. My parents had one years ago. He’d hide behind the couch and attack, wrapping sharp claws around my leg. I hope things go better for you. I’ll keep praying. ❤ — Suzanne

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