Leg and work update:

First the leg… 
Okay, Soooo I didn’t go to the doctor about it.Before you get all poopy-faced about it, I have a good reason why, so hang with me for a moment. I ran into my cousin in a thrift store because, as it turns out, it gets cold here and having lived in Texas and Florida I wasn’t prepared for that. I have no long sleeved shirts that are even remotely suitable for the cold.

Okay, back on track! Anyway, I ran into her and since this is the first time I saw her I showed her my leg. She said her sister had a similar injury last year and that she had went to the ER and was told it was a deep bruise and could take a while to heal. Fast forward to now…her leg is still red, still hurts but not as much and there’s nothing the doctor can do about it.

On one hand… That is grim news. On the other hand, it saved me some money that I don’t have right now. On still the other hand… I’m not sure I accept that. So I might still go once I’m sure my insurance is in effect and it’s covered, because it’s always nice to have a 2nd opinion and everyone’s injuries aren’t always the same and there might be something else going on.

Good news is… it doesn’t hurt as much as it did. Bad news is, it looks like an infected zombie bite, so shorts season (when it gets here again) might be a conversation starter. Good news is I know what to expect for the year check up and we can compare healing processes, bad news is… I dun wanna have to deal with this on top of everything else.

Now… on to work:  

Doesn’t it just figure that just when I’m giving up hope on ever meeting those seemingly impossible numbers for my bonuses that is when I start getting close enough to give me hope again? I’m not sure what happens but one week I’m in the 800’s (that’s bad) then I dropped 200+ seconds into the 6oo’s and upper 5oo’s. I stagnated there for a week, THEN customer called me stupid and got ugly with me on the phone.

The next day, my numbers dropped into the 400’s and I was briefly in the green target zone. If I can get there once, I can do it again. If I can do it again… then I can stay there and hit those bonus numbers.

And part of that is due to the random obnoxious phone guy who called me stupid, and I should acknowledge his contribution. So here it goes: Thank you random Florida asshat. Thank you for making me realize I was doing too much for people, thank you for making me no longer go out of my way to help anyone. Thank you for making me realize that you are simply an obstacle between me and my bonus, someone to be dealt with and discarded as quickly as possible so I can discard the next person just as quickly.

I hope there’s bedbugs in your replacement phone. I will think of you when I buy some more long sleeved shirts from the department store next month with my frickin’ bonus.

At least making those goals will reduce my stress, and I’m looking at those numbers as a game now. Take 3 calls, check my status… is it green? WOOT, is it yellow.. still woot but not as much.. is it red? makes the poopyface… reset and repeat.



9 thoughts on “Leg and work update:”

  1. Sounds like things are improving. Do keep an eye on your leg. If you begin to get redness extending from the sore area, go , go, go to the doctor. That can be blood poisoning and people have lost limbs due to it. What you might do is go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about it. That would be free and they’ve taken medical training. My dad used to do that. He had a pharmacist friend at a pharmacy near where he worked. I’ll keep you and your son in my prayers. ❤ — Suzanne

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  2. Glad to hear you’re near to hitting the bonus more. Regards the leg, do you have arnica cream in a shop there or online? If it’s a viable price it can help with deep bruising. Maybe worth a shot? As ever sending you hugs. Adele Scotland. x

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