A good answer on how to deal with grief…

Well, since I’ve been experiencing this for the past 6 months, I can say that the old guy doesn’t exactly explain HOW to deal with grief, he does form a very good analogy. I think he missed an important part of the “shipwreck” and that is the part where you’re wondering… WTF just happened? How did I end up in the water and the desperate grab for making some kind of sense of the wreckage? The frantic scrambling of trying to gather your scattered ship and important things.

Some days I’m still in the WTF stage, some days I’m in the clinging to everything and never knowing what will trigger a wave. Most recently it was Thanksgiving… then putting up the tree and “All I want for Christmas, is you.” By Mariah Carey came on and I was a mess. Now it’s husband’s birthday on Monday, I’m struggling again, then it’s Christmas.

This year has been one ball of SUCK… and will apparently end with more sucking as I’m to0 busy trying to keep bills paid to even think about putting anything under a tree.

Maybe next year…


12 thoughts on “A good answer on how to deal with grief…”

  1. Keep hanging in there. It’s really hard but you’re doing as well as can be expected for the short time it’s been. Think of all you’ve accomplished in that time. Just take it day by day as that’s about all anyone can handle. Holidays are hard. Everyone agrees with that. Judging by how well you’ve done I feel sure you’ll make it. My prayers are still with you. ❤ — Suzanne

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  2. Those triggers will keep coming for a while, Kawanee. Not all, but some, you will be able to anticipate, and make sure that you take special care of yourself at those times. Honor your needs. There is, unfortunately, no perfect or painless way to do this. When I was counseling families dealing with loss, one message was that this isn’t an experience that you can go around, over, or under; the journey to recovery is through it. Each day, each tear is a step toward integration and ultimate healing. My thoughts are with you during this tough time of year. ❤

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