A health update…

Okay, sooooo the awful sinus cold seemed to be going away but then was promptly followed by a hacking cough and general malaise and sleepiness. I tried to warn mom not to come over for Thanksgiving, but she ignored the repeated calls and didn’t listen to her voicemail.

Fast forward to Monday, she’s sick… *insert eyeroll here* So I go with her to the doctor, we both get antibiotics. Soooo I’m officially sick, but I am also on antibiotics so if there’s anything going on with the leg, I’m covered as I had them look at it too. Weird thing was, she thought it was a skin infection not a bruise.

Also… I DID find some Arnica gel here in the US, it was a bit of a hunt in the department store, but with some help the store clerk and I found some. It was reasonably priced, so I started using it. Wasn’t sure it’d work on a bruise this old, but last night it started itching and after only 1 day of use, it appears to be helping. Thank you all for that bit of wisdom.

Work continues to be a problem, not as stressful now that I’m familiar with the process but keeping the calls short enough to please the almighty phone gods seems to elude me. The customers are thrilled to pieces, my surveys are all in the 100% range, but that doesn’t get me the bonus 😦

I’ll keep trying, as long as I keep the bills paid and stay employed I guess I’m doing okay. I’ll keep plugging along…


6 thoughts on “A health update…”

  1. A bit of relief and you sound a bit better. Moms do not care about getting sick if their child isn’t well. I did the same thing last month for my daughter. Her little was sick and she stayed home from work to care for her. The next day she was sick as a dog. She emailed me and I drove over to her house. Put her to bed took care of the baby and made a post of chicken soup for their dinner. She slept for about five hours and felt much better. I went home and woke up the next day sick as a dog. Lucky for me it was just a bad virus. Your mom did it with all the love in her and believe me she was happy to do it. Bless her.
    Glad to hear your leg is getting better. I continue to keep you in my daily prayers. I hope your son is doing better. Also that you have conquered the 100% the rest will come with practice. I know you can do it.
    I was looking for a post from you for the past few days so this was a blessing. Thank you for the update. Please remember we are thinking about you and will always be just a post away.
    Keep well Pat ♥♥

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    1. Sorry, I’ve been sick and trying to work and decorate and what not. I’m going to force myself to get back to my routine.

      Writing and posting helpful stuff instead of my pity party and struggles. Thank you for being there for me 🙂

      Having ya’ll has helped a lot.

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  2. About your job, I never agreed with that speed over customer service, but when push comes to shove, you have to do what needs doing to please the boss and earn more money. Of course, the customers love the more detailed service, but your calls are no doubt being monitored as mine were so the supervisors know that and it still doesn’t mean as much as getting the talk time down. Otherwise, the boss wouldn’t be paying more for less talk time. Your talk time will probably speed up as you become more used to the work. Customer service doesn’t seem to mean as much to companies anymore and that’s not good. But that’s today’s way of living–hurry, hurry, hurry. You’ve probably heard or read that writers are beginning to write more novellas and novelettes. People are preferring shorter reads. That’s what it’s like these days. You and your son are still in my prayers. ❤ — Suzanne

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