Today at work:

When asked what was happening with her phone, one of the callers today said:

“It has poltergeists.”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Her: It has the ghosts in it… it comes on and off by itself. It calls people, it won’t turn on, it plays games. It has the poltergeists in it, it came from warranty.
Me: “Ohhh okay, well I’ll get you back over to them then…”

I get a warranty rep on the phone and she asks what was going on with the phone… and I explained that it had poltergeists.

REP: Ummmm I don’t think I’m qualified to deal with that…
Me: Me either!
REP: I’m not sure we cover that….
Me: Oooooh heck no… you sent her the ghost phone, you deal with the ghost phone!

We had a great laugh, and had to compose ourselves before I could get the customer over. She was still giggling…


Your highly amused

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