The continuing saga of BS… (old post I meant to put up.)


It appears the company isn’t really going to do anything meaningful for me, no memorial for hubby, not even a sympathy card from anyone from his work. Not sure how to take that… I mean, it’s obvious that he was just a cog in their machine. Unimportant and unappreciated, seemingly just a resource to use up and discard.

The workman’s comp claim was denied. How? Hellifino… but I’m not going to let go of that hope. I need to find out what they listed as injury or cause of death and why out if the insurance company simply doesn’t have enough information or what. I need to contact them directly and see what I can do or what they might need from me to make this “qualify”. I mean it seems pretty straight forward to me, he was on the clock.. in a foreign country. Strange food, stuff he couldn’t eat, it’s china so there’s air quality, pollution of air and water. It’s southern china in the summer, so it’s hot as hell…  They were sending home a bag of parts with him to the airport and through customs, so he was obviously working.  But…. still it was denied. *shrug* IF I can get workman’s comp to pay off, then at least the accidental death policy can be collected.

I can’t find anyone to rent to me in my hometown because I’m a widow with no income. My landlord rented the house I’m in… so as of the 31st I’m effectively homeless. I don’t have the money to rent a truck to move my crap home, and I don’t have a place to put it even if I did. I have no one to help me load a truck, not a huge deal… I’ve moved before… but it would have been nice to just have some support and knock it out in a couple of hours rather than drag it out.

I have no one to even drive me to the place to pick up the truck. I have 2 cars and a rental truck and only 1 driver. I’ve never towed a car before, but I’ll have to give it a try. I’d sell one of the cars but we just had the motor replaced in one and I want to keep that one, the other is in my husband’s name and I don’t have the clear title because “probate blah blah” so I can’t sell it. Even if I could, my son and I both need jobs and will need both cars to get to work.

Let this be a cautionary tale… make SURE your ducks are in a row. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, and your significant other could be left completely devastated.


4 thoughts on “The continuing saga of BS… (old post I meant to put up.)”

  1. That was really a rotten deal you were handed, Kawanee, but you’ve handled things well since then. Don’t give up. Show them they picked on the wrong person. You’re stronger than that. I hope things continue to look better for you. ❤ — Suzanne

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  2. Kawanee they have Workmans Comp lawyers that will take your case and no cash out put, if they win it for you they get 33% or there about. You might want to try that ave., it might help.
    I wish I could do more to help you, I keep praying and will continue to do so.
    Keep us informed and if I get any good information on how to help you I will post it.

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