Words I have created:

So far I have:
Frustrilities (from mom)

Confrustration (confused frustration) Usually when I can figure out what is wrong with the part of my book I’m writing, or what went wrong installing new software, or when I’ve done everything right and can’t make something work.

Hypocrazy: usually reserved for political parties that reach a crazy level of hypocrisy by condemning the other party for activities they are well known to be guilty of on a daily basis

Poutrage: Outrage over someone not believing or supporting your point of view. Or condemning another party for things your party does all the time, but since it’s not your party you’re super nettled about it.

Typonese: The language created by typos. I am fluent in Typonese, I read it very well and can figure out what was really meant. There is no need to correct the word/words with an *.

5 thoughts on “Words I have created:”

  1. I’m going to be very cheeky and ask you for a big favour.

    I’ve written a book under the pen name of Emily Littler.

    It’s a historical novel set in the time of Roman Britain. I decided to put it up on Kindle Scout. Kindle Scout is exactly what it says. Kindle scouting for authors who they then publish (rather than the author self-publishing.) They act just like the mainstream publishers in that they give an advance, (although small!) and do all the formatting and marketing as well as producing an audio version and foreign language translations.

    In order to select the books, they hold a ballot. The book (s) with the most recommends will be accepted. All you need to do is click on the link below and then click on the button to nominate or recommend my book.

    You can read extracts from it before you click, so you’re not nominating something you’ve not seen.

    Please find a few seconds to help me. The link is below.

    Thanks Viv Sang

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