It’s MRI Day! (hopefully) And other news

I missed a call from them today while at work. I’m scared they are going to tell me I have to cancel for some reason. Will find out in the morning. My eye is doing better, but it still itches and burns when I put the drops in. Looks less zombish tho. *thumbs up*

I got a call yesterday from my insurance telling me they weren’t covering my MRI, called the doc all freaked out and upset. They checked and said: Your provider approved it… I said well X-brand insurance company called and denied it. She said: That’s not your insurance, I show X2-brand insurance. Hmmmmm sooo *is confused* I pull out my cards… turns out X-brand insurance was my DENTAL provider soooo, of course,they denied treatment for my leg…

Anyway I THINK it’s all sorted out, but the call this afternoon is worrisome.

And on top of that:

Crap has hit the fan at work. Me and my new coach aren’t getting along, I like her as a person, but not as a coach. My call times have gone up since I’ve gotten moved into her group. And now, I’m sort of being punished for my handle time. So I had a chat with one of the big bosses with my coach and expressed my concerns and opinion on what was happening. I was told it’s just a formality and normal procedures.

However, when I told the other girls about it, they are like:

What the heck? Is it just for your handle time?
It appears that way.
That’s BS… you need to talk to someone.

Even the Customer Solutions Team is saying something is wrong. And on top of all that, right after the meeting about my handle time, they decide to add some new training and put me into another level of training. On a new insurance, on multiple devices instead of just phones….

Now, Does that make any sense? I’m in trouble for not grasping the FIRST thing you taught me… and you ADD more to it WHILE I’m on “probation”? You want my time to go UP? It kinda sorta feels like I’m being set up to fail, on purpose.

I mentioned to the guy sitting next to me that I was getting trained for the same thing he was in. (He’s been there for almost a year and a new hire advisory coach)

He said: That’s great, you must be doing pretty good then…
Me: uhhhhh nope… I’m in PIP for AHT.
He looks over my stats and says…. hell, you’re stats are better than mine…
Sooooooo WTF?!! Why am I being punished?

My friend tells me to go to HR and to complain to someone higher, Another coach is saying he’d take me in a heartbeat! Other employees are telling me it’s BS and I need to talk to someone.

I NEED this job, I don’t have a fall back on…. I’m afraid I’ll create a shitstorm and end up on the losing end of that stick. Sooooo that’s great.


5 thoughts on “It’s MRI Day! (hopefully) And other news”

  1. I doubt that will happen. But you could always use backup. Tell the higher ups what’s going on, point out that your stats are better than so-and-so, and ask them WHY they’re giving you MORE if they don’t think you’re ready? Worst comes to worst, ask to be transferred to the other coach and see how it goes from there

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