Very upsetting…

So, I can’t read MRI results but I can see something wrong with my leg. Doc says there’s “abnormality” but so far no recommendations. Other than taking a month of aspirin.

My response to this nonsense is: If aspirin was going to work, it would’ve worked the first time you did it back in October. TRY AGAIN! I’m still in pain, my skin is still sloughing off.. Fix it!

My birthday was March 7th… and for my birthday I got a check engine light coming on in my car, then the other car wouldn’t charge and I was late to work. On top of the news about my leg, I’m very frustrated.

I got the car somewhat taken care of… and I’m thinking of selling the other just because it’s not doing anything. Checking on selling both cars to try and get something newer, with less miles and more reliable.

Work situation isn’t getting better, I’m not happy… but I need the job, so not sure what options I have.

I’m tired…


12 thoughts on “Very upsetting…”

  1. If your doctors are anything like ours you have to keep at them and don’t let them have a moment’s piece. It is very distressing sounding your leg and they should be telling you something other than take asprin. jeez. Happy belated birthday wishes and a huge hug, which I know won’t fix the problems but might make you smile.

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  2. So sorry to hear about your leg, and the most disappointing birthday ever! I agree with the others about getting second and third opinions. Hope things will turn around for you and you’ll get some help for your leg. Have you seen a dermatologist? Will keep you in my prayers.

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