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I took a long weekend…

I’ve been working a lot of overtime lately, was so stressed out that I cried at every little thing. I knew when I woke up from my nap Saturday that I couldn’t go to work on Sunday. My chest hurt, I was miserable, felt sweaty and my heart was beating fast, I went up to work and let them know I wouldn’t be in on Sunday.

I spent Sunday relaxing, took a hot bath, did some cleaning, listened to some music… went for a small walk but then my chest hurt more and my jaw and leg hurt so it was a short one.

I felt much better today and work didn’t get overwhelming. I need to put together a list of things I need to do and start marking them off. Today, I tried to call the doctor to get an appointment, but they put me on hold for the entire break… so I’ll try again tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “I took a long weekend…”

  1. It sounds like you’re being sensible. My husband told me years ago never to stay on hold much past a minute. You should hang up and call again. Sometimes they put the phone down to do something else and forget you’re there. I’ve always followed that advice. All the best. ❤ — Suzanne

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