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Another update: leg and etc.

Soooo went to the doctor Friday. She was mean and manhandled my leg, dug her big ole man hands into the “abnormality” on my leg. I wanted to hit her, and yelped: “No one has touched it before!”  She straight up gave me a blank look and said: “Someone should’ve by now…”

Yes…. I suppose, but it hurt like nobody’s business! and I was mad about it.

Official diagnosis: It’s a deep bone bruise, it could take a year or more to heal. Wrap it or no, aspirin or no, it’ll heal when it heals. It could be a permanent mark on my leg, and some permanent nerve damage.

Sooooo yay! *sarcasm*

Now, they are putting me on some pills for anxiety and depression. I told her I don’t want to take pills… I told her I was doing okay, and getting better.

She asked if I had trouble sleeping. (yes)
crying jags? (yes)
weight gain? (yes)
Angry? (yes)
fatigue? (yes)
Heart palpitations? (yes)
trouble breathing? (yes)
trouble concentrating? (yes)

“You’re having anxiety and panic attacks.” She then laid it out plain and simple. “You’ve got no choice, if you don’t you’ll break. Life won’t let up, and each minor thing that goes wrong will snowball until you break under the load. The pills will help shed the small stuff. Get counselling and to get it now.”

I also have a stress test on my heart and an EKG sometime soon.
Sooooo there’s that.

11 thoughts on “Another update: leg and etc.”

      1. Don’t be disappointed in yourself. You have been through way more than any one person could stand. You did fine but it has been building and you need to realize that there are people who love and care about you and can help you. Exhale a little and do as the doctor suggested. I am here if you need to talk. xo


  1. I hate pills as well, Kawanee. I had to take them and they did make a difference. The doctor might be rough and ready but I think she sounds like she knows what she is doing and after all the tooing and froing that you’ve been through with the medical profession she might be a Godsend. Lots of love and hugs. x

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      1. no, no, Kawanee it’s not a failure on your part, no. You are doing wonderful considering you are trying to get out from under a huge, heavy mountain. xx


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