An excerpt from my rewrite:

“All right Glen; let her out.” Ron handed the keys to Glen. “If she tries anything tranq’ her, and maybe I’ll let you have some fun with her.”

Shiloh felt the tension in the air as she crawled out of the cage and straightened up. Everyone expected that if something was going to happen, it would be now. When the blisters on her feet broke open, Shiloh hissed in pain and limped her way over to the door with Glen flanking her. Todd pulled it open positioning himself just behind it. She had no choice but to continue out into the hall or risk the chance that Ron would catch on to what they were doing.

*Turi?* Shiloh hesitated to give him a quick glance.


*Don’t stop, I’m thinking!*
  Turi knew he couldn’t risk the Enclave to save her, if he took her out of there now, Ron could cut tail and run. If they did and got away before Vernon’s team got there, they might not have this chance again. He would have to keep them busy until Vernon’s team could arrive and clean up the mess. The problem was: How?

Glen was staying close enough to grab her if she did try to make a run for it. Todd stood at his post back by the door and both men had 9 mm’s strapped to their belts right next to the tranqs. One small mistake, and it would be bullets instead of tranquilizers. They were outnumbered and outgunned, somehow Turi had to wrest the odds back in their favor. A bad idea formed; one that could get one of them shot, but words John had taught him echoed in his head. Do something Turi, even if it’s wrong…. More squirrels and deer die from indecision than anything else.

* I’ll get their attention, you hit the lights.* Turi dropped into a crouch while the links above him clinked together as they swayed loosely on the forks. “Hey guys, you’ve got a problem over here.”

“Yeah, what’s that?” Todd sneered, while keeping an eye on Shiloh.

“I’m loose.” There was a split second of silence and stillness where you could almost hear the swish of eyes moving toward him then all hell broke loose.

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