Still writing! And now… A short excerpt:

“I’ll be fine, we heal fast.” Turi pressed a handtowel against his shoulder. “It’s barely a scratch.”

“You said you were okay.” Ignoring her own pain, Shiloh hobbled into the bathroom to help. Thanks to her brothers’ many escapades she wasn’t squeamish about blood. “When you’re bleeding all over my bathroom that’s more than a scratch.” She reached around him to grab wash rags and noticed her box of feminine products. She grabbed two and then turned to face him.

“What are they for?” Turi sounded a little horrified and apprehensive.

“They’re mattresses for Barbie… what the hell do you think they’re for?!” Shiloh snorted as she lifted the towel to reveal an angry furrow running along the inside of his arm. His “barely a scratch” would have her down for the count and crying for her momma. “If you know anything better for absorbing blood, let me know. Otherwise, shut up and sit down, Bigness!”


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