Starting the new job in the morning…. BLECH!!

I’m glad for the job, but getting up at 5 am is buttz and I don’t wanna do it. I’m not a morning person, it’s cold and likely still dark when I have to leave because it’s 20 minutes away… and I wanna stay home.

I was enjoying a break from everything. Not that it was a big break because I was stressing out about getting the doctor appointments before the insurance runs out. But I was liking staying home, keeping the house clean, writing… catching up on blogging and reading and having some me time for the first time since losing hubby I was able to kind of sit and deal with some things.

It’s been nonstop things since it all started. Dealing with consulates, funeral plans, travel plans, packing, moving, finding a job, finding a place to live, getting hurt and doctor appointments, learning a new job, working overtime as much as possible to keep afloat. Counseling and now meds, then sis’s cancer scare, mom’s ER visit, Aunt’s stroke, the year of firsts without hubby… my cancer situation, losing my job, still working on the lawyer situations.

It’s been bumpy and I think this has given me a chance to process and heal a little. I wish I could afford to take a little more time for myself, but at least I had this time. All three of us are working and that should take some stress off.

Hopefully, after training is complete I can work from home.

Goodnight all,

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