Job update: :)

I think I may just love this new place. So far, it sounds wonderful and like a match made in heaven. They care about their members, they are saving lives with preventative check-ups and there is no time limit. They actually WANT to help people and take the time to do the right thing for people.

The environment is upbeat and friendly, the group I’m in is pretty lively and funny. We are all excited about the opportunities and to learn. When it’s all over I will have been through a 6-week course on Medicare and Medicaid. I should be able to dispel health care myths and give people facts about the current healthcare overhaul in the US.

There’s a $3000 fine per incident if we don’t give the correct facts. No more opinion… no more political spin. Cold, hard facts that will help people in the long run.

I’m optimistic. The homeless, elderly, healthcare (physical and mental) and helping people is something I can be passionate about. If I can do that, then it’s not a job.

Still not diggin’ this whole up at 5am business though…


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