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Thankful November 6: I’m thankful for my son

My son is simultaneously the most infuriating, annoying, sometimes disappointing, man-child and the sweetest goofball, strong, sensitive, intelligent, source of chest-swelling pride, man.

He’s my only child, a source of joy and pain, laughter and tears. I struggle to understand his male mind, I see myself in him and sometimes wish there was more of his father in him. I wish he had his father’s confidence, his drive…. and I think he will grow into his own. This new job is showing a new side of him and I’m trying to not be a mom and hover. I’m letting him be his own person and watching him spread his wings.

He likes the new job. He helps others in the group. He’s funny and yet insightful and smart. He’s discussing his future with the instructor, and he’s maneuvering toward his goal and showing leadership in the class. He’s the one yelling at everyone in the house to get up and moving so we’re not late.

I’m the one in the bed pulling the covers over my head and hiding. (just a little)

He’s been there for me this past year, made sure to include me and not retreat to his room like he was. When I’m crumbling, he’s strong. When he’s falling apart I help him. His father would be proud and I am too.

I’m thankful for him being here for me. Thankful to be his mom and his friend.

Today, I’m thankful for my son.

Your emotional,

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