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Thankful November: November 8th Special Friends.

Today, I’m thankful my friends.

This past year has been hard, it’s been made easier by some very special friends. People who’ve let me cry on them, driven me places, helped me financially, or with emotional support, or by simply keeping me busy and focused on other things. There will be quite a few over the month.

I’ll start with Donna:

Oh, my gosh, where to start…  This woman is simply amazing. She is selfless, caring for others even when going through her own hell. I wish I was even 1/2 as kind, forgiving, selfless, upbeat, optimistic, and wonderful as she is.

While I was busy dealing with my husband’s death, she drove me 1/2 way across the country so I could go get the other car. In a heartbeat and without hesitation, she took time off work to make a 15 hr trip to Florida, only to stay the night and head back the next day. She got me a job, she was encouraging and whenever I fell apart she was professional and cut through my emotions to be a good company leader. The thing that upsets me most about losing that job was that I let her down and made her look bad.

She helped me with my situation while her own mother suffered a broken hip and began a decline that ultimately ended her life. Donna still found time to comfort me, and I hope I helped her.  We’ve been friends forever (40 yrs) and I count her as a sister. I love her to pieces, I don’t think she realizes how much and how amazing I think she is.

We fought as kids, she dared me to jump over a dollhouse and I took the dare (even though we were supposed to be in bed) I cleared the dollhouse but didn’t stick the landing and fell. When I threw my arm out to catch myself, I broke it. Yep… the gig was up… we had to come clean.

We both had crushes on the same boy, Donna hit me in the head with her books over it. We climbed trees, caught frogs and giggled all night. As we grew up, my family moved away, but Donna and I stayed friends. We wrote to each other, not as often as we should’ve maybe but when we talked, wrote, met up… we picked up where we left off. When I moved back as a teenager, we went to school together, graduated together, worked together… played with each other’s hair, and talked about guys.

After graduation, I moved away to be with my husband to be. We fell out of touch again, but I learned that we were pregnant at the same time. My son and her daughter are about a week apart. I had hoped that meant they’d get together and have kids and then Donna would officially be family. Then I thought what if our kids got into arguments, what if we got into arguments over who was at fault…. nah, maybe it wasn’t a good idea after all.

When, hubby and I moved back, we picked up again. Every time I moved away and got to come back to visit, we met up. We play some nasty games of Uno… and we are petty, rude and ruthless when we do.

When I went in for surgery, she drove down there to be with me. I think she was secretly hoping I’d be all doped up and she could film it and put it on youtube…. (cause that’s what friends do right?) but she was there. Near or far away, she’s always been on my mind and in my heart. She is my oldest best friend, and by that I mean she’s the friend I’ve had the longest because she’s younger than me and won’t let me forget that.

Today, I’m thankful for my friend/sister Donna. Without her, I wouldn’t have this roof over my head, the insurance to find out about my skin cancer. Without her, this year would’ve been even harder than it was.

Truly Thankful,

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