Thankful November 16th

Well…. it looked like it was going to be hard to find anything to be thankful for today. Went to work and found out that the direct deposit I had set up a week and a half ago didn’t save in the system at work. I had been hoping that it would hit at midnight Thursday night, but when I arrived it was not so. My son, his friend Scott, and I didn’t get paid. We were told checks had been mailed and we should get them tomorrow or Saturday.

Problem is, we didn’t bring lunches because we anticipated getting paid… at least 1 of us surely. Yeah… nope.

So, I’m thankful I had a little money on a credit card and was able to buy us a cheap lunch.

On our way out of the parking lot, one of our classmates was in a car/motorcycle accident. He was okay, but the motorcyclist was taken away by ambulance. We were worried about our classmate, it was a very sobering moment in a sucky day.

Thankfully, it wasn’t us and I wish it hadn’t happened to our classmate. He’s a class favorite.

On the way home, there was a bit of traffic, everyone was jockeying to get around a cluster of slow-moving cars being held up by a semi-truck. Scott eased over to check and see if he could pass but spotted a cop behind him. He pulled back into his own lane in a solid “No, Mr. Officer not today.” move.

As soon as he pulled back into our lane, the guy behind us jumped out and hit the gas. As soon as he passed us, the police officer hit his lights. The cop hung back there knowing someone was going to jump…

Thankfully it wasn’t us. I’m thankful that Scott didn’t get pulled over.

I am hopeful that our checks will come in tomorrow. I’m not panicking yet… it’s only Thursday and I planned on paying bills on Friday.

~Your hopeful,

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