Things that happen at my house

Thankful November 17

We had a couple of things to be thankful for today. My head was killing me, (caffeine withdrawal) after not getting paid it was hard to be enthusiastic about going to work.

Our classmate who’d been in the accident was there! We were glad to see him, glad that he was okay and that witnesses told the police that the motorcyclist had been speeding and blowing past other motorists. It wasn’t our classmate’s fault. We were worried about him for a variety of reasons.

We were thankful to see him. 🙂

I told the instructor, it’s been almost 6 weeks since my last paycheck, we really need to get our checks and to leave early if they came in. I have bills that need to be paid, he said that was okay and that he understood.

Thankful for an understanding boss. 🙂

I spoke to my sister in law yesterday and asked her if she would be able to check our mail and text me if the checks came in.

Thankful for helpful family.  🙂

About 1:00 she texted me a picture of what had come in… nothing but junk mail and an invitation to a 50 yr anniversary party I wish I could go to in another state. Mood deteriorating, headache getting worse and I’m stressing out. I stubbed the toe of my shoe on the carpet and the dang thing split from it’s sole. Super nettled about that, I taped it together to keep it from slapping every time I took a step.

Now I need new shoes, new dress clothes for work AND a paycheck.  Work was brutal…. 7 modules of learning and they were out of order and hard to follow.

Still, it is Friday and we are thankful for that! 🙂

Other people got their checks today, so hopefully tomorrow…

Your finger crossing,

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