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Thankful November 18th

It’s Saturday. I was awakened with the grim news that, no… our checks once again have not shown up. Kinda hard way to start the day and find something to be thankful for, especially when the news sparks an argument between household members. People wanting something done when there’s nothing that can be done and then getting angry at the wrong people.

Scott’s grandma offered to help. I didn’t want to take the offer but with rent needing to be paid and 10 hr workdays starting Monday, making it impossible to get to a bank even if the checks did come in, I took her up on it.

I am thankful for Scott’s grandma helping us out.
I am thankful for caffeine… without it, I would’ve had an even worse headache. I know it’s tension and some of it was relieved by paying rent and internet.
I’m thankful that we got a few groceries.

My plans for the weekend are shot to hell, and so much for getting caught up and getting dress clothes for work, groceries, and whatnots. We will be okay. If the checks aren’t here Monday I am going to cause a scene at work.

When a company says payday is the 17th… I expect to be paid on that day. Not the 18th, not the 19, and certainly not the 21st. Who the heck sends payroll checks in the dang mail anymore? They should have been sent to the site and handed out on Friday like every other company.

I’m thankful for all the offers of help.

~Your nettled,


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