Butterfly Suicide: part 1

There will be a series of short stories in this book. This is just the start of one of them. 🙂 I hope you like it. I have the cover art all planned out in my mind already 🙂 



Driving a bus was a dull job, but it kept the bills paid and allowed Carl Kindly with his middle-age paunch and bum knee to support his family. He had no complaints, for the most part. No one wanted to ride the poorly air-conditioned bus so they escaped back into their phones as soon as they could if they’d even bothered to look up from them at all. Today, they were running late, Carl swung the big bus wide to take a corner and sped down the street. Up ahead was the busy section of town, he could see people getting up from the benches as he approached, but a flutter of movement drew his attention away from the awaiting passengers. How could it not? It’s not every day that a colorful butterfly stumbles its way across the sidewalk as if the hounds of hell were pursuing it.

No one came out after her, her bright blue and black wings trembling with the breeze. She stood there poised on the edge of the street as if she were about to take flight. She had lithe legs encased in black legging but crisscrossed with blue ribbons that matched the wings. A young face with haunted wide eyes turned toward him, had he been a younger man, Carl could’ve fallen for her right then and there.


He wasn’t and he was married to boot, so after the cursory glance, Carl redirected his eyes back to the line of waiting people. He was approaching the stop and about to slow down, when there was a sickening thud from the front of the bus. A spray of red arced across the windshield followed by a cry of dismay from the passengers as he slammed on the brakes.

“Jesus Christ!” Carl swore as he ran a shaky hand through his silvery hair. Passengers were standing up, phones at the ready to record the incident, while people on the sidewalks ran to towards the bus. Some to help and others to capture the grisly details. He set the brake, and got on his radio. “Dispatch, I’ve just hit someone…”

“Someone? Or a car?”

“What the hell does that matter? A person… I think… Just send another bus.” Carl snapped and lurched to his feet. He couldn’t believe it, he’d only taken his eyes off the road for a split second- or two. He’d never hit anyone before, never been in a car accident. How could this have happened? Please let them be okay, he sent up heartfelt prayer not just for his sake but for whoever he’d hit.


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