Good news, everyone…

*waves to you all*

Hi! I’m doing pretty well, I love my job. I love helping people and I just landed a new position. 🙂 Yes, it means a raise. *soo happy*

I was dealing with some health issue, the big C word was being tossed around but after some tests, I am in the clear. I found out on the way to work and was giddy all day. I made a new friend at work, she’s pretty awesome. She does massage therapy and gave me a free sample. *gotta love those!* I was having problems lifting my left arm higher than a 35-degree angle, (in other words I couldn’t do the chicken dance) she gave it a massage, said it was slightly out of joint and helped rotate it so it went back in and voila! I can chicken dance again! I’m trying to keep it loose and remember to flap once in a while and to rotate it. Seems to be helping 🙂

After nearly two years my leg is finally starting to look normal again.
Before:    July 16th, 2017                                             Today:

Anyway, I’m slowly writing again. Slowly coming back to life I guess…

Everyone said I’d lose my fingernail from my injury there, but I said:
I’ve never lost one before, so NOT on my watch.
It’s almost back to normal too, the injury has grown out. 🙂

I’m losing some of the weight I put on… so yeah. Things are “normalizing” a little.

The optimistic


15 thoughts on “Good news, everyone…”

  1. Great news, Kawanee! I, on the other hand, have had to have a new knee put in pm Nov. 10, 2017, and then it got infected and the doctors had to do a revision and redo the surgery, plus I wound up with blood clots in my legs and lungs. Was on IV antibiotics for six weeks daily. When that was finished I was told I had lung cancer again. Radiation, chemo and all that goes with it until May of 2019. And there you go, but my knee is finally healing. I hope this nightmare has a happy ending. Hugs.


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