Things that happened since the last time I posted. :)

Well, My WordPresser friends and family, things have been interesting. Some good, some bad, some funny. Time to share.

So my aunt (70+ yrs old) and I decided to go to the casino (1.5 hrs from home) to celebrate and get a little irresponsible with my new extra money. I paid my bills first, soooo it was only a little wild and I only spent $100. We were having a good time,  winning and losing and just enjoying the company and flashing lights. Until about 3 am.

My aunt went to the bathroom, was gone for a bit then came over to where I was winning on a game and she said. “I wanna tell you something.”

I’m up $40 so I continue playing, then she says: “I don’t want you to freak out or anything.” So I look at her thinking, oh wow… she must’ve hit big on a machine…. and that’s what was keeping her. *Meanwhile, I’m still winning on this game and it’s a lot of fun to play.* I’m waiting for her to tell me. She says: When you get down to $55 cash out. Well, I won and went up again, she says when you get to $70 cash out… so I’m thinking I’m kind of new to this and she’s just giving advice and it sounds good. Get out while you’re ahead.

I cash out *about 10 minutes later*. She then informs me, ever so calmly that she’s having a medical emergency and we need to leave. She tells me what it is, and I’m like. “Okay, we need to leave now, why didn’t you say something?! I thought you’d won a large amount of money or something! I would have cashed out immediately.”

“You were having fun.” She says.
“So what?! This is an emergency!”
“I didn’t want you to freak out.”
“Aunt Joyce… I’m not freaking out. I freak out when it’s all over.”

We get to the car, I’m wanting to go to the nearest hospital, she won’t have it. She wants to be back home where the family is.

Her: “If I pass out-”
“Woman if you pass out on me, I’m going to the nearest hospital regardless of what you say. And if I can’t find one, I’m calling the highway patrol for help.”
Her: “Right.”

We get her back to our hometown, she goes to the ER and eventually ended up in ICU with internal bleeding. She had surgery to remove a third of her colon. There are several things about this situation that make me think was someone looking out for us.  First: We were going to go to the casino on Saturday, but I was like… hmm why not go Friday after work so I can sleep late and still have most of Sat and Sun to enjoy. So we changed the night because of an offhand remark mom made that made sense. Second: If we hadn’t gone to the casino, my aunt would have likely been in asleep and might not have woke up.  Third: IF I didn’t work with Medicare I wouldn’t have had the knowledge on how to get her the care she needed when she needed it. I know just the right words to get people to do what they should have been doing all along.

All this proves is we are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. There’s a reason for things, random acts don’t seem so random in situations like this. I am so glad I was able to be there for my aunt. She is one of my favorite people on the planet. I love her so much. She’s simply amazing and this world is a better place with her in it. She’s smart, she’s got impeccable style, she’s sensitive and sweet, she’s practical… she does some pretty out there stuff that keeps me fascinated. She’s tough and weird.

After everyone left, I put some of her favorite music on. She sings Karaoke on Saturday nights. The music ranges from Disturbed Sound of Silence, Christ Stapleton: Tennessee Whisky, Etta James, Percy Sledge to Prince. She wanted to hear “Darling Nikki” a smexy song and a half. I told her she was going to get an orgy going on in the ICU listening to that. Her feet were taping and she was mouthing the songs… (feeding tube wouldn’t let her sing).

Earlier that day she’d called me to tell me she needed help. I’m at the store buying her some flowers and balloons when I get this call. I’m thinking oh crap! I’ve got to get up there now. I asked what was wrong, she said: I don’t know what is going on whatever floor you’re waiting on, but up here I’ve got a bunch of hot doctors and I can’t handle them all. I need your help.

I promised I’d be there as soon as I could lol. She’s trying to get me a fancy doctor lol.

With her love of music, it’s no surprise that she found hope and strength in song. She said she was feeling like giving up but she said she had an epiphany when a song popped into her head. An unlikely song, and one neither of us is fond of…

You’ve got to fight, for your right… to parrrrrrty. Beastie Boys.

She said she realized she couldn’t just depend on the doctors to get her better. She needed to fight for it, so she is. I’m super proud of her. I got sick and lost my voice and I haven’t been up there out of fear of passing it to her, but I’m not contagious. I will be going back up to the hospital to see her, hopefully after work tomorrow.

She’s having ups and down, two steps forward and one or two back. Lots of anxiety, hard recovery and nausea as she recovers. Prayers and positivity would be appreciated.


10 thoughts on “Things that happened since the last time I posted. :)”

  1. Hi Kawanee,
    It is wonderful to hear from you, it’s been too long. It sounds like life is a bit better for you now, but, you are still in my daily prayers. I will include your aunt from now on. She sounds like a wonderful inspiration for you and I’m sure she will pull through this rough patch.
    I myself have been having a bit of a rough time since Nov. 2017. Knee replacement which got infected and they had to do a total revision, which caused blood clots in my legs and lungs, and then when they did a CT scan they found cancer in my right lung. I am at war!!! I have been fighting since Nov., of last year and will continue until May of 2019. I am doing well according to my doctors, they are happy with the latest PET scan and my knee is finally healing, which is pretty amazing for a person of 75 years. Radiation, Chemo, and Immunol Therapy keep me moving in the right direction.

    I have not been doing too much posting on WP for several months but do intend to get back as soon as my energy returns.

    I will look for more of your posts with delight. Keep well and God Bless you and yours. Hugs.


    1. Thank you, she’s doing soooo much better. She got moved from recovery to rehab and her birthday is today. I’ve got her caramel turtle brownies and chips/crisps with cream cheese and we’re making homemade soft pretzels to take to her tomorrow.

      Per her resquest, she’s worn out and needs to rest today.

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