An excerpt:

I’m not sure if I posted this before or not… if I did, I’m sorry. If I didn’t, I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into the world I’m building. 🙂 

“You and your freak show got a world of hurt coming.” Todd sneered as Turi approached. He seemed at ease as he reclined in his cot with his back to the wall and his arms crossed. “We’re going to shut down the big top for good.”

“Unlikely,” Turi shook his head at the threat. “We’ve waged war against far worse, so I’m sure we can handle anything you can throw at us. Look around you at what you’re up against. Peace between us is a much better option for you.”

“He won’t listen. They never do.” The comment came from within a gauzy hammock hanging in the corner of another cell. A slender pair of arms clad in a shiny black material appeared over the edges lifting a small heart-shaped face into view. Her hair was a black tousled cap that framed what appeared to be three jewels along her brow while a pair of large eyes gave her an impish look as she regarded the human male. “I keep telling you, Turi. Humans are far too arrogant for such an insignificant species.”

“Sable,” Turi growled the warning.

“Oh, relax, Turi.” The Iktomi shifted in her web, chittering in amusement. “I have no interest in your little human.”

“‘Little?’ Come over here, lady,” Todd swung to his feet. “And you’ll find out just how significant I am.”

“Oh honey.” Glittering eyes raked him from head to toe. “If you were bigger, I would eat you alive.” She sighed and sunk back into the hammock. “Call me when you reach human maturity, yes? Right now, you’re barely snack sized.”

“Snack sized? I’m a full course meal, sweetheart,” Todd made a suggestive gesture turning her threat into a sexual innuendo. “Wanna come over here and find out?”

“Maybe I would.” Sable’s face reappeared. “Would you like that, little human?” She licked her lips. “I don’t usually eat so close to dinner, but I could make an exception.”

“Sure,” Todd leered. “And you won’t need dinner after.”

“That’s enough.” Turi nipped the game of cat and mouse in the bud. Todd had no idea who and what he was dealing with. By now, the pair were gaining the interest of other inmates who would be only too happy to witness the ensuing bloodbath.

“What’s wrong, Turi? Jealous that she wants me and not you.” Todd taunted. “Don’t be greedy, you already have Shiloh, and we just wanna have some fun. Ain’t that right?”

“Yes, Turi, I just want to have some fun.” She purred as she draped herself over the side of the hammock. “It’s been so long…”

“Well, I’ll be happy to knock the cobwebs off for ya.” Todd drawled, letting his eyes drop to where her breasts strained against the material. He leaned against the bars to voice his approval. “Very happy to.”

“My, aren’t you an ambitious one.” Sable laughed. “Alright, little human, I’ll come to play with you.” Crawling from the hammock, she dropped to the floor in a crouch and straightened. Bare shoulders set with three more of the same dark jewels adorning her brow gave way to ample breasts and washboard abs. Clicking sounds filled the cell as eight legs of hard chitin unfurled from around her waist, lifting her to her full height. She approached the bars of her cell, almost laying down to look Todd in the eyes.

“What the-” All of the blood in Todd’s face drained away as Sable’s body unfolded. He was backing away from the bars he’d been so eagerly pressed against just moments ago.

“What’s wrong, little man?” She grabbed the bars and pulled, pouting when they groaned but held. “I thought you wanted to ‘knock my cobwebs off’?” She chittered again, and all eight of her eyes blinked.

“Still wanna play with her Todd?” Turi asked mildly. “She’s an Iktomi. A rare species of spider women that just so happen to eat their mates. They usually prefer something stronger than humans.”

“You’re right. It’s not good to pollute the bloodline.” Sable agreed, wrinkling her nose in distaste. “Not much use to us at all, really. Too weak for slave labor, maybe as an appetizer.” She tilted her head. “You though…” One of her legs began inching closer to the bars separating her from the men. “I could play with you. Just a little nibble here and there. It wouldn’t kill you.” She smiled, revealing pointed fangs. “Not at first, anyway.”

Turi’s sharp eyes caught the gradual movement, but let it go. She couldn’t reach Todd, but she could get close enough to scare him into giving up Ron’s location. “First, I need him to tell me what rathole Ron is hiding in and how many people he’s told about us.”

“He isn’t hiding, you idiot,” Todd spoke with conviction. “He’s building his army, and they’re coming after all of you.” He leaned against the bars to angrily gesture at the various inmates before turning his finger toward Sable. “Even you, he’ll stomp you into paste just like any other bug.”

“Is that supposed to be a threat or an insult?” Sable mused. “It’s utterly adorable, either way.” Her smile widened. “You, who are so far beneath me, thinking I care about your delusions of grandeur.” She let out a trill of laughter while thrusting her front legs between the bars to grasp at Todd.

“Legs to yourself, Sable,” Turi reminded her as Todd stumbled backward, tripping over his own feet in his hurry to get away. “You know the rules.”


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