Happy New Year Everybody!

I’ve been sick with the flu, but we had a nice Christmas. First one we felt like doing something for it, and we were sick. It was quiet aside from coughing spells and we slept most of the time.

I’m back, and I’ve got Resolutions! I watched Tony Robbins ( a motivational speaker) and he said something that’s got me thinking crazy. He said that he was talking to a general who said: If you want to take the Island, burn your boats.

Meaning, there’s no escape route, there’s no retreat. You just go and die trying.

And I thought… I really want to quit my job and go full-time writer. I want to burn my boat, but then I got scared. If I had some money to rely on until I had time to get established this might be okay. I can’t burn my boat, I’ve got my mom living with me…

But if I don’t believe in myself, then I won’t get anywhere either. Surely there’s a happy medium between the two goals? Believe in myself…. don’t burn my boat but don’t rely on it? But then I won’t apply myself as much if I have the safety net.

Ooooh, I wanna do something stupid and just take that leap of faith. I really really do. Someone talk me out of it!

In the meantime, I’ve got this plan in motion.
Be positive!ย 
Write at least an hour a day.. that’s 365 hrs of work… which roughly is 2 weeks.
I won’t be successful at that rate, but it beats what I’m doing now AND chances are I will work longer.
Lose weight:ย no specific goal here.. just generally get healthier as I get over this Flu
Blog!ย  A least once a week, more if possible.. even if that means scheduling them ahead of time. Maybe an inspirational or positive thought. Something. ๐Ÿ™‚
Prep for taking my writing Island.ย 
Even the best Generals had to prep troops, food, water, and etc before acting on it. I am prepping for storming the beach. I need a good editor, maybe an agent… get to a convention. Just get as many tools in my belt as I can get.

I am hopeful for this year.

So what about you? What are some of your traditions? Resolutions? You can share in my comments.

PS. I also got myself a YouTube channel, maybe I’ll go out and shoot a video trailer for Alleys and Broken Dreams? Maybe I’ll post some videos of me and my crazy ideas for books? Or maybe I’ll post something silly. I dunno yet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year,ย  I hope it brings you all Health, Happiness and success. I hope it’s better than last year but not as good as the next.

From Kaw


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year Everybody!”

  1. 2018 was a year where I tried establishing my island. As I transitioned from one job to another, I tested the waters in establishing my writing island. I supplemented the writing by editing the work of others and establishing a freelancing business by ghost writing. While I achieved some success, I quickly realized that there is a vast amount of competition and that it takes a while to get established. Since landing a new job, I’ve switched to the idea of establishing and building up my island while I prepare for retirement (about 10 years away). During that time, I can establish my reputation and be able to position myself to do what I truly love. I think, when shooting for a writing career, you have to look for other ways to exercise your talent to help yourself improve and to establish your reputation if you go the indie route. This is just my opinion.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2019. I’ve followed your posts over the past couple of years and know you truly deserve it.


    1. Thank you for the kind words and the excellent advice. I hope you and yours have a wonderful new year full of success, health and happiness. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I thought I could retire at 60 (12 yrs away) but now I’m seeing 67 on my Social Security statement. Before I burn that boat, maybe I should find an island. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I know my love is for the storytelling, I am not an editor, unless it’s for glaring mistakes because I get caught up in the reading. I could do some freelancing, I guess…

      I spoke to a well known author and she said it takes about 4-6 books before you start seeing real return on your time. I’ve got 2 but I think I’ll need to get 2-4 in each series before I’ll see something happening.

      In the meantime, I’m going to try to get those short stories done and get my name back out there.

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  2. Happy New Year 2019 Kawanee. I wouldn’t advise burning boats for writing. Many famous writers kept their day jobs. It’s just too risky as many published writers are not making the money these days they could have once. Keep writing though and you can find an agent. โค — Suzanne


  3. Happy New Year Kawanee.
    You have no idea how many times I was tempted to burn my boat. But hey: as I have no safety net, nobody who helps me out in case of ’emergency’, who will pay my rent? Who will pay for the food for me and the kitties? Who will pay my health insurance, the doctor’s appointments, my medication or the vet? Believing in me is good – some reality in my brain is better.
    I think you’re doing the right thing: keep your boat – it doesn’t stand in your way to believe in yourself! Have a wonderful and positive 2019!

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    1. One day…. we will have to post a flaming boat as an entry to our blog. We’ll know what it means… kinda funny how it used to be: “Our ship came in” and now we’re talking about “Burning our Boats.”

      I am in the same boat as you (no pun intended) about the lack of safety net. It’s nice to dream about but…. we have an anchor in the reality or “realit-sea” lol.

      We’re punny!

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