Okay, so I’ve been sick…

Hey y’all,

I’ve been meaning to keep up with my resolutions but I’ve been really sick. First Christmas we felt like doing something and we got the flu and were too sick to enjoy it. It was a nice quiet day, aside from the coughing and whatnot.

I had developed some secondary issues from the flu, (side note: Get your flu shot… I will be!) This is the second year I’ve got the flu and both times it was from people I work with. People are too sick to work but can’t afford to stay home. I’m no different and I have a 70 yr old mother living with me.

I got an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis that turned into an inner ear infection, which left me hurting and dizzy. I went to work on New Year’s day, but my computer wasn’t working and I was too sick to be of any use. They sent me home and I haven’t been back yet.

Good news is, I’m finally getting better and I’ll be back to work on Monday. I think I managed to get a 20 hrs in 2 weeks, so things are going to be so tight around here that they’ll literally squeak. I’m NOT going to stress about this, things will work out the way they are supposed to.

Good news is… I’m writing and I’m staying positive.
I needed the 2 weeks to recharge and to reset my attitude, body and spirit.

I’ve been reading up on getting agents, I’m researching paying writing gigs. I looked at some contests because I was going to post them here for people but there were entry fees to everything. They weren’t outlandish but I’m leery of any contest that requires a purchase. So I am working on keeping my resolutions!

How are y’all doing with yours?Ā 

~Optimistic Kaw


13 thoughts on “Okay, so I’ve been sick…”

  1. In addition: You probably know this but be sure to check the legal information in the submission instructions to be sure the place you send your story doesn’t take all the rights to it. If they do and print it, you don’t own the rights to it anymore. It becomes theirs. Be thorough in checking that as I learned the hard way. šŸ˜¦ — Suzanne

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