Welp…someone else burned my boat for me.

Here I was trying to be all positive and stuff… and today they announce that they are closing the site I work at. United Healthcare Medicare is pulling their contract with the company I work for, and that means no job. This is for me and my son both, there will be no income at all since we both work there.

Still I’m trying to be Positive:
I loved my work. I loved helping people. It was rewarding even though the pay wasn’t great, I drove about an hour to get there. I loved helping people get their meds when they couldn’t afford them, scheduling cancer/health screenings so bad things get caught early when they can be treated.

I loved calling a doctor and telling them they were illegally charging patients and that I was filing a complaint with Medicare. I loved telling a doctor they ran something wrong and that the member was due a refund and by getting that refund making a real difference in someone’s life. I loved my callers… not all of them were easy to deal with but if you’re going to get yelled at, it should be over something important like health instead of something stupid like a broken phone.

Today 3 different callers called me an angel. When someone lost their spouse I made that connection with them because of my loss. I let her know she wasn’t alone and I bragged about the people I met online (that’s you guys) and the support that is available. I let her know what we are feeling is normal, and okay but that we will get through this and be okay. (Eventually) I bonded with another member over our PTSD issues. I loved our members, I treated them like I would my mother… because it’s the way I want someone to treat mine.

I met some great new friends there.

I still have my job until March 15th.  Supposedly there’s a severance package, but we have to stay there until the end to get it.

I don’t have to drive almost an hour anymore.
I can still use my benefits to get my glasses renewed and get my teeth cleaned.

I am super sad that I won’t be there helping people.

I have 6 weeks to edit and finish my book to submit to a publisher and hope for a publishing miracle. I wanted to burn my boat and storm the island… we’ll someone else lit the match, but I’ll paddle like mad to get to that island. If you’re falling off a cliff you might as well flap, right? Nothing to lose!

I’m scared.


3 thoughts on “Welp…someone else burned my boat for me.”

  1. I’ll continue to pray for you Kawanee. I worked for a call center once where that happened. I switched to another call center but I really wouldn’t have had to. Another company started to use the first call center and the people who stayed on kept working there for the other company. I’m not saying that will definitely happen but it might as that call center is already set up. You have to keep working there as long as they stay open to get your benefits but you can be updating your resume and sending it out. You can then sign up for unemployment compensation. Perhaps they will help you find other work. Check in with them. Don’t give up on finding something. ❤ — Suzanne


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