Well, that didn’t go as planned.

Hi everyone,

I’m baaack, sooo here’s what happened. I was watering a plant, the soil didn’t soak up the water and a bunch of it spilled out from the drain. The plant was on my glass bookcase, the water ran down to the pane and through the little niche where the glass sits instead off the back.

My computer was underneath it. My computer was on… My computer turned off and would not turn back on. I’m not making enough money to replace it plus I was almost hyperventilating thinking that I’d lost the edits to my story, pictures of hubby and such. On top of that, the PC was one of the last things he got me for Christmas.

I was freaking out… but my son had some extra parts and was able to build me another one from what we could salvage. The hard drives are okay, I didn’t lose anything. *huge sigh of relief*

But that’s where I’ve been… offline. I should be able to get back to posting soon. 🙂

I’m glad to see ya’ll!

Your super-relieved,


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