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Now for some good news :)

Hi guys! *waves*

Soo, I was getting discouraged about the job hunt. It’s hard to find a new job while working full time at the old job and no one was responding to the applications I had put in.

Boy, has that changed!

I’ve got three interviews in the next two days and then another lead on two other jobs. I’m pretty happy about the options and being able to stay near the house. One of the ladies who called today was a job I applied for almost a month ago. She said she had not received any resumes and went to find out why and found nineteen of them and she apologized. She was concerned that I might not still need the job and since it’s part time that I might not be interested or find it very rewarding.

I asked her: Does it pay money?
She laughingly said: Yes.
Me: Then I’m interested!
Then she asked if Friday was too short of notice.
Me: Nope! I am easy to get along with I don’t care what people say.
She laughed and said I sound like her and she looked forward to seeing me Friday.

She said she wished she had a management position for me but she doesn’t at this time. (That makes me happy to hear my resume is impressive enough to be considered for management.)

I’m super happy about interviews! I’m waiting to hear if I can work at a nearby school in the Arts building. That would be amazing!

Between all the interviews, I’m sure to land at least one of them! Even if it’s just the fast food place, it’s a paycheck until something else comes along. I can’t wait to start getting settled and secure feeling again. Knowing we’re closing down and it’s a dead end job is very scary and disheartening.

Provided I don’t blow up my PC.. I should let ya’ll know something after the interviews tomorrow. 🙂 Or later today for some of you.

Energized and optimistic,

13 thoughts on “Now for some good news :)”

  1. This is indeed good news. I’m sure you will have a new job soon. As a recruiter for many years, I can tell you it’s not uncommon for employers to wait a month or more before interviewing. Iy’s nice to have options. Best of luck.

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  2. Wishing you the best interview possible. I hope one of the jobs is exciting for more than the prospect of a paycheck. It can be hard to be enthusiastic and real in the interview otherwise! But, being young, you have some time to figure things out.

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  3. Let me know if I need to come up and stand behind you with a baseball bat. I’ve been practicing my menacing stare, and I think I’ve actually managed to improve it! One way or another, we’ll get you a job, lol.


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