Interview update:

Hi, my lovelies!

So, not much too much to tell… Nothing was landed at the time of the interviews. I’m waiting on background checks to come back. Here’s how I felt like they went

Fast Food: I loved the interviewer, she was great and I think I’d enjoy working with and for her. There’s not a lot of responsibility and it’s not glamorous but it pays the bills and it’s not early morning work.

She said she wanted to hire me right then, but had to wait for background checks and for approval from higher up.

Bank Teller: The woman who was interviewing before me was in there with the manager for quite a while. I could see them seemingly bonding and my interview got pushed back later and later. They were playing country music, and I found myself getting more and more irritated by it. I’d prefer easy-listening or elevator music any day.

When I finally got into her office, it was all business. Very short conversation, no chatting, no questions about why I’d be good for the job.  I mentioned that I had come from an interview from the fast food place and she was quick to point out that they need help. I feel like she wanted the other girl and had made up her mind. We’ll see.

Medical Office: I was looking forward to this interview. I thought I’d hit it off with her on the phone and was eager to meet her in person. I showed up early, chatted with an elderly guy waiting to be seen until the girl behind the counter came back. I chatted with her until it was my turn…


I think I blew it. It was a short interview, there was no chatting or easy conversation. I made a rookie mistake of explaining why we were closing down. (Mismanagement and the mistakes that were made… yeah wrong move, but it was honest.) I originally said I knew why we were closing but it would be unprofessional to say, and then I said it. *beats self up here* I  didn’t mention specific people… kept it general.

I really wanted this job… I hope I get it but I’m afraid I didn’t get it. 😦

On the interesting side, on the way out the older guy I was talking to was walking towards the elevator. I thought he was going past me, and almost let the door close, but I stopped it. He got on, and I said I’d hoped to land a job. He asked if I was a nurse and I said no, just office work… he said he was looking for someone to help his wife at his construction company. I got his number and will be calling tomorrow.

Still waiting to hear from the school…

~Your hopeful,


5 thoughts on “Interview update:”

  1. I hope you get some good results from your interviews. Making mistakes is learning. I wouldn’t offer any information not asked for. Don’t get too talkative as stuff can slip out you want to keep to yourself. I’ll keep praying for you. ❤ — Suzanne

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  2. You never know, Kawanee. I thought I’d blown one interview, but got the job. However, on the down side, I did blow anitherone. I can’t remember the question, but my answer was ‘That’s a chicken and egg question.’ I knew straight away I’d shot myself in the foot.

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