Hi guys… so much for that new year’s rez huh?

Hi my pressers!

Once again, I’ve let you down and not been posting updates and fun stuff and I’m sorry.
😦 Things have been a bit crazy and the New Year’s resolutions are all taking a back seat at the moment.

The old job is no more, but I’ve started a new one. I’m working with family, my aunt Shelva specifically. It’s scary and kind of a leap of faith, but so far I’m loving it and I only have mild stress attacks. I’m much happier and it does give me a creative outlet.

She has bought a huge laser etching machine. By huge, I mean it takes up the space of a car. We can personalize existing products, and we are hard at work creating our own works of art. She’s never run or started up a business… but I’ve been helping my hubby do it for years so I kinda learned some things along the way.

I’m helpful. I think…

She has patterns that she’s created and cut out. I help hand assemble products as well as point out where money and time is being wasted. For instance, 2 hours to “pop out pieces” is not cost effective and with the delicate wood breaking off when you get impatient it is wasteful (or was) and it makes me want to throw things and have a hissy fit the likes a 3 yr old WISHES they thought of throwing.

It’s a lesson in patience… I am bad at it sometimes.

Based on my guidance, we have made changes to the patterns and things are going smoother now. My aunt is the creative mind behind the products but she can get overly excited about something new while we still have problems with our current projects. I keep her in line.. on task and focused. I basically get to be bossy and sometimes “mean” by telling her no.

And she PAYS me to do it! Ah, this is the life… plus she has doggos and I get to play and pet them while not having one of my own and the expenses that go along with them. I sometimes spend a week at her house assembling and hand painting products and making her eat. (She just found out she’s diabetic and we’re sorting that and her non-eating habits out.) She’ll get wrapped up in a design and forget to eat, but my tummy doesn’t go for that, so I get grumpy and insist that we take a break to like… eat and stuff.

I created a WordPress blog for us and I’ll be the voice behind it, so if you want to add us, I’d like that very much.

It should be Shelva and lastinglaserart… here’s an example of what we do. πŸ™‚ I opened her an Etsy store under Lastinglaserart and she’s on WordPress and twitter and facebook.
I’m kind of in charge of social media, sales, promotion, uhmmm lots of stuff!

Your very busy,

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