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Hello again!

I hate that I haven’t got back to posting on a regular basis, but on the plus side the business is slowly taking off. That’s a good thing right? I can’t post from the job because the internet is complete garbage there and there are so many things to do right now.

I’m excited(ish) to say that we had a booth at a local expo and we are one of the only companies in the area producing the kinds of things we make. Each of our items is machine cut so they are the same pattern, but we hand assemble and paint each one.

That means no two are exactly alike. I have one way of doing things and she has another and we can see each of us have our own unique way of expressing ourselves. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. We are always thinking of new ideas, but much like writing a book… there are more ideas than time to see them to fruition.

There’s a lot more inventory now. We are perfecting designs and making changes, and figuring out ways to be more cost effective and to cut down on assembly time. And of course, when there’s only 2 of you… time is in short supply.

Also we had a tornado touch down nearby and lost power for 15 hrs or so. Bad for production but good for our bodies. It forced us to take some downtime to sleep and relax after the show.

Also, turns out I’m a pretty good painter! Hubby wouldn’t let me paint walls but here I am slaying it on the small stuff. Yay me!  Plus the job site has 4 doggos to play with, that’s almost always fun.  Except when they find a skunk or an opossum… then it’s stinky and expensive trips to the vet.

Another good thing? My aunt (and boss) helped me with my writer’s block and helped me come up with a plot twist. (Dun, dun, DUN! *dramatic music)

Also be sure to check out and share the next few posts… one involves cows and the other flying rabbits. Yep… we were attacked by a vorpal bunny! There’s lots of hijinks and mayhem at work and we are thinking of starting a youtube channel to help share the fun/insanity. We’ll see!

~Your busy bee,

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