Yipee… flooding… to stay or not to stay

Hey Worders!!

I’m still alive, taking a break from being online after getting all the online stores working(ish). And now we are flooding. Isn’t that cool? No… it’s not.

So this is what our river is supposed to look like:
dardenelle lock and dam


And this is what it looked like last week…
arkansas river 1

The walls are underwater… well you can see the top of them. We are having record flooding. The river is at 44 ft, flood stage is 32 ft (I think) but I know we just broke the record set in 1943… *yay us?*

This is Monday… and all traces of the walls are gone. It’s come up more since then… river today

The steps down to the water on Monday

and the same spot today.

Forecasted to come up another few feet before it’s all over, supposedly Sunday. I am not in any danger, it’s about 3 miles from me. I think even if the levees go, and even if the dam goes, I should be okay. I think….

Meanwhile, I’ve gathered things that are important… in this order:

I will get:
Hubby and hubby’s art…
PC (with my books on it)
suitcase with some clothes in it. (maybe)

The Boy: 
He will be in charge of getting:
His PC
The cat
and Grandma if she doesn’t step lively.
Clothes (maybe)

Grandma will get:
Her @ss in the car.

**** Clothes are optional…. can be left behind if necessary.

Prepared for the worst;

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