Grief and coping with losing hubby

On the hubby front:

The 7th was my 29th wedding anniversary. It didn’t hit as hard as the anniversary of losing him did. I think it’s because there was happiness associated with it. It’s good to remember the fun, the dates, the flowers and etc. I thought about taking myself to dinner and just reflecting on things. 

I stayed in my room until around 3pm when my aunt showed up with steaks to grill and wanted to play cards. We had a good game, my son cooked on the grill and it was actually very nice. Hubby loved to grill, my aunt didn’t know that and it was a nice tribute to the day because he also loved steak.

She helped keep the day from being awful and sad. She’s pretty awesome and one of the few people my hubby liked from my side of the family. So it was a good day.

I spent a good deal of yesterday pulling out boxes of papers and going through them. I’ve been going through photos and working on something for the inlaws. I love them very much and I’ve been so preoccupied with my own unhappiness and brain fog that I’ve neglected them a bit.

It’s hard to know if you should send a Mother’s/Father’s day card to them or if it will be upsetting. I’ve got the cards for the past 3 yrs. I wrote them out with tears burning my eyes but never sent them. I also have some gifts, I was told not to spend money on them so I didn’t. Not much anyway, I put together some things and bought the final things I couldn’t make myself.

I found the life insurance policy and plan on calling them tomorrow.

I found the offer hubby’s company made in exchange for releasing them of any responsibility and waiving my right to workman’s comp. I’ll be calling someone tomorrow about that too.

I went through hubby’s unfinished artwork and took pictures of it. I wanted to put together a book called: Art Interrupted or Life interrupted. Not sure which yet.

There’s something else, but I’m hungry and cannot remember what it is right now.

I’m doing okay. 🙂

Your hangin in there,

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