Hi guys.

It’s been a rough time. Someone that’s been there for me since hubby passed away and  was there for me in the middle of the night and was someone I could be wildly inappropriate with suddenly passed away.

Mom’s mental issues are getting worse and I’ve been focused on trying to get my aunt’s business off the ground. Her husband had a health scare and had surgery that then turned into a new problem that put him in the hospital. He’s not working and the business isn’t taking off the way we’d hoped. I know it takes time, but that’s not something we have on our side right now.

I’m looking for a job. I’ve been working on my editing and I’ve taken on some freelance work hoping to have a decent Christmas this year. That doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, (once again) no matter how hard I try.

I’ve gotten politically active in my town because they are idiots. There’s talk of me running for a public office. I don’t think that will work because even if my mouth doesn’t say it, my face will. It’s the unruly sort and has a low tolerance for stupidity and ignorance.

Today was pitmad on twitter, so I once again tried to attract an agent or a publisher. I don’t think it went well… but I tried. We had a vending event this past week. It was for a good cause, supporting the troops and combat veterans. Food donations, suicide prevention and other great organizations were there.

I’ll post more about that fiasco tomorrow.

I’m alive… but very discouraged.

9 thoughts on “Hi guys.”

  1. You must remember that life isn’t supposed to be easy. There are ups and downs. You seem to be having more than your fair share of downs over the last few years, but I am convinced it will change. I hope soon.
    As to running for public office–I wouldn’t worry about your face giving your true feelings away. Idiots need to know they’re being idiotic. I say go for it.

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    1. lol! I agree! I just don’t know that public office is going to be healthy for me lol. I can see me pulling my hair out. Our issue is this: The STATE legalized casino gambling but on a controlled basis. They picked 4 of the most economically depressed counties of the state and awarded them the casino/resort to help bring jobs/tourism/revenue to those areas.

      Our idiot officials promptly passed an ordinance that banned it from our county on the grounds of morality. A) It’s not their job to dictate the counties morality and decide what “sin” to condone. B)Local ordinances do not supercede the state constitution. C) we NEED the 1200 jobs D) it’s 20M USD in revenue E) It’s not just a casino, it’s a resort, it includes a music venue, a conference center, 5 star hotels and dining and a spa. F) The resort is bringing a waterpark to be family friendly and a dog park as well… which are both currently on our budget to build ourselves.

      IF the casino/resort brings it in with it, that frees up the money earmarked for those projects and can be used for infrastucture to bring in the buisnesses they DO want.

      we’ve lost 12 store and 2 factories since I’ve been here (less than 3 yrs) We NEED this!

      They fiddled around while other counties are already breaking ground and putting local companies to work…. we are the laughing stock of the state.

      So the state stepped in and said: Pick one of the applicants or we do it for you. You’re getting a casino end of story.

      So they finally did but now they’ve made such a mess of it that the applicants are suing. And NOW they want to annex the land into the city so they get MORE tax revenue. And they’ve formed a comittee and ugh it’s a mess because there’s criminal charges being filed saying there was underhanded deals.

      I couldn’t deal with the good old religious boys club. I told them to make a desicion without emotion, without religion and bias… what is best for this county. THAT decision is what you are being paid to make, it’s your job and unless you have something else that will bring 1200+ jobs to the area… shut up and sit down.


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