What we’ve been up to.

I’m back, it’s been a busy 3 weeks. I know I posted that there was a fiasco with our Labor Day weekend.

We vended at an even in Little Rock, it was for Combat Veterans. Wounded Warrior, Feed a Vet, and Suicide Prevention was there in support of the troops. It was a motorcycle club, live music, lots of motorcycles and our product… which isn’t saddlebag friendly at all. It was hotter than Satan’s buttcrack on black asphalt in hell. I had hurt my shoulder for our last event…

(Wait… did I tell ya’ll I got hurt? Not sure, but if not here’s the gist of it. I hurt my shoulder helping to set up the tent for our last event. For two weeks, I tried to treat it with anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. (August 16 or something)Finally went to urgent care, diagnosis: muscle strain/sprain. I got 3 shots in my shoulder at the trigger points but after another week I was back in there. I got steroids and muscle relaxers and it did the trick. All more better now. 🙂  )

Fast forward to the end of the month. A big windstorm with lightning and lots of rain came up and we couldn’t stake our tents because it’s asphalt. Everything ended up soaked (bad for wood products). We were hot and miserable then we were wet and cold.

Met some really great people, learned some important things.

After that, we came home and had to set up for the Fair. Which is what we just finished up but while we did this we also went back to Little Rock for a Minority-Owned Small Business Conference. We worked from 8:15 am to 3:30, drove 1.5 hr trip home and then went to the fair and worked the booth until almost 10 pm.

I will add pictures in a bit.

I am doing okay, still job hunting… have to say my job is getting in the way of my job hunting.

~Tired Kaw

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