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Getting what I needed: :) Happy Post

So, let me tell you guys something. I haven’t done the doorbuster day after thanksgiving day thing since Pokemon cards came out. Oh, wait. It was in 2003… I got a computer that was on sale… anyways!

This year, they finally had something I was willing to brave the crowds for. Ready for this? An air fryer! My cousin had a fancy kitchen doohicky (don’t worry, the translation is at the bottom of the post) instead of frying food with grease, it does it with superheated air and is healthier for you. I have wanted one for a year or so but they are expensive and I wasn’t sure I’d use it and couldn’t justify the expenditure. Now, this local store had one for $20! Heck yeah, that I can do… and if I don’t use it, I won’t feel horrible about spending the money on it BECAUSE if you were one of the first 75 people in line, you got a $10 gift card! Which means it only cost $10! So I got the dinner in the oven and trotted down to the store, gonna get me a fryer. It was raining (of course) and cold, and I was the 7th person in line. My chance of getting that fryer was pretty good!

So I stood there and started chatting to the people behind me. (Because that’s what I do!) I complimented this young guy (in his 20’s, millennial) behind me on his hoodie, and struck up a conversation with him, another guy and a girl. Eventually, the store staff members came out and started trying to organize us shoppers, and make sure we got what we were looking for. They went up and down the line asking who’s here for the ride-on toy (PASS!), or who wants that (PASS)… No one mentioned the fryer and I was feeling even more optimistic about my chances. I mentioned that I was just there for the fryer to the girl and she had one and was thrilled with it. (yay!)

The store manager said: Who wants to be in the drawing for the Teddy Bear. My ears perked up on that. So I raised my hand and said: ME! (kinda weird because I’m nearly 50) and I explained to the kids why I wanted one. You know, because I felt judged and that it was weird with no context. So anyway this is what I said:

A few years before my hubby passed away, he got me this big bear for Valentine’s Day. I stuck it on a shelf but when he passed away it became my security blanket of sorts. Now, after 3 yrs it’s kinda getting ragged and I want to replace it so I can save it but I’ll miss it. (One that size is expensive, and I wasn’t going to buy myself one… that’s weird.)

Y’all I didn’t get emotional (woot!), I just stated the explanation and we moved on. So fast forward to we go inside to get the things we want, my $10 gift card and guess what?!

The freaking fryers are sold out!!!

*devastation! defeat! Thwarted! Cruel twist of fate, why must you torment me so?!)

Apparently, the $20 sale started a couple of days before. (What kind of savages buys these things for people at Christmas?!!! I mean I didn’t think it was a hot ticket item. That title goes for $75 High-Def 32 inch Smart Tvs) Guys, I don’t have a backup purchase in mind! I had only 1 reason to be there and it was gone. I wander around the store hoping someone had hidden one, but nope. I thought maybe I’ll find something else. Nope. I just want to go home, but I don’t know if my gift card is only for today. So I go to the counter to ask.

They are busy so I’m waiting… while I’m waiting the manager comes over and says they are getting ready to do the Bear drawing. Oh! Cool, maybe I’ll win and salvage this trip.

Nope! The number was 98143, I had 98146. Someone in front of me won the bear.

Disappointed, I’m still standing there waiting to find out how long the gift card is good for when I notice one of those kids coming towards the counter. I saw the raffle ticket in his hand and I smiled and was about to tell him I didn’t win it. I didn’t think he’d won, the person who won was in front of me, not behind.

He put the ticket in my hand and said: You won…
Me: Really?! Are you sure?
Him: Yeah, it was meant for you.
Me: But…
Him: Our dog would eat it… it’s yours.

Now I’m bawling and he disappears into the crowd. They took a picture, the manager was all teary-eyed. I went there for a fryer I wanted and got what I needed instead.

Y’all this dang thing is almost bigger than me! I had to put a seat belt on it because my car thought it was a person. I look terrible, look at the bear. It’s HUGE!

teddy bear and me1

~Your Kuddly

PS: I did end up getting the fryer too, as a gift and we love it.


/ˈdo͞oˌhikē/ noun
a small object or gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall.

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