Grief and coping with losing hubby

I’m feeling pretty good today.

Hey Presser Friends!

So, I am feeling quite lovely today. It’s raining, sleeting, grey and super cold but I am feeling lovely despite all that. 🙂 Why? Well, I’m glad you asked cause I was about to tell ya!

So I got woke up by an awesome call that I won my fight with the previous company I worked for. There was supposed to be an appointment tomorrow, but when I requested the information that was in the file, the company got a copy too. I think they took one look at the evidence I presented and dropped what they were doing.

It’s not much, but it will take some pressure off of my back. Especially since my son was affected by the same situation and he will win too. This means some added income back into the house. Much needed income since I haven’t exactly been paid since Thanksgiving. So yay for small victories!

My son fixed me and mom breakfast. Yay for that, and ya know what? It was pretty good.

After breakfast, my mom and I went out to get some groceries, her brain was mostly on today. Yay for good brain days!

My son has a girlfriend. Yay for possible future grandkids!

I have a new hobby. I’ve spent about $40 on it and may already have sold 2 pieces. Yay for cheap and fun hobbies that might make some money! I will post pictures tomorrow.

Progress is being made on my book. Yay!

So we have some positive things going on in 2020. Some negatives too, but today was mostly positive.

~Your optimistic,

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